excuse #4: “working out takes money & i don’t have any!”

excuse busted:

  • working out does not have to be expensive – and chances are you already have most of what you need to get a good workout: tennies.  Even if that’s all you have you can hit the road running, do pushups at the park, and use everyday household items creatively such as laundry detergent for resistance exercises and running your stairs for cardio.
  • most gyms offer specials for monthly fees – like 24 hour fitness that has a special right now for $34.99/month and no initiation fees!  that’s the equivalent of giving up two starbucks coffees per week.  add up the calories you’ll be burning at the gym on top of the calories saved by skipping the frappuccino and you not only save money but you skim some calories off the top too. 
  • insider tip: you can get workout videos for FREE from your local library!  check them out for up to a week at a time and you get a never-ending variety of workouts that change to challenge your body and mind.  find one you can’t live without?  see if it’s available through swapadvd.com for the price of just shipping an unwanted dvd to another member. [disclaimer: i’m a huge fan of promoting this & paperbackswap.com (slightly addictive)…so these links track referrals for free credits to use on the sites!]
  • dvr one of the many fab workouts on fitTV which is free with most basic cable packages.  then you can squeeze in an at-home workout anytime, but not on your dime.


[have more ideas on creative ways to bust this excuse - share with fellow fitbookers and comment below]

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