excuse #7: “the gym is so intimidating!”

January 05, 2011


excuse busted:

  • go during slow times until you’re comfortable or ask personal trainers to show you the ropes – they’re there to help you!  and remember: very few people at the gym are experts so go in there with your workout planned out and move confidently from exercise to exercise on a mission.
  • rally the troops and partner up with a gym buddy: there’s strength in numbers.  bonus: you’ll have a built-in spotter to push yourself on exercises and an accountability partner who will be waiting there for you, rain or shine.
  • zone out: whether it’s your ipod during strength training sessions or watching the tv during cardio, take your focus off the other people and instead on the fact that you’re there for YOU!  take it one day at a time and you’ll eventually make “gym friends” (lakeshore, shout out!!) and look forward to going.  if all else fails, see excuse #4 for non-gym workout alternatives.

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