excuse #8: “i travel a lot for work!”

excuse busted:

  • studies show that 61% of business travelers were more productive when they continue to exercise on their business trip.  go to fitforbusiness.com for a directory of fitness friendly hotels that offer the amenities you need to keep in tip-top shape while traveling.  not an option?  buy inexpensive resistance bands and pack your running shoes to get in a workout wherever you go.  another idea: stay on at least the 10th floor and take the stairs – that’ll get your heart rate up!
  • with airlines offering sodium-packed, unhealthy snacks (if you’re lucky that is), pack healthy snacks such as almonds and apples to avoid junk food at the airports and save a few bucks too. 
  • staying overnight?  throw in a few packets of instant oatmeal and add hot water from your in-room coffee pot in the morning for a cheap, yet healthy breakfast on the go.  then grab a few of the complementary apples in the lobby (skip the warm cookies) on your way out!

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