excuse #9: “eating out sabotages my diet.”

excuse busted:

  • social dinners are fun – but here are a few tips to lower the calorie intake and subsequent impact around your table muscle:  skip the bread basket, ask for your fish/chicken/steak/veggies to be cooked/grilled in light or no oil, eat only half of the portion you’re served, share dessert and just have a few bites. 
  • keep the drinking to a minimum – it probably will be just as good for your social life as your waistline (need we remind you of last year’s holiday shin dig?).  if you must imbibe, choose champagne or wine (at 100-140cals per 6oz glass) or light brewskies (at 80-100cals) – and avoid all fruity concoctions like the plague!  read with caution: one strawberry margarita can have 350+!
  • plan. decide before you go and remember you can’t have it all (or you’ll have it all around the middle).  choose between bread (1 piece) and chips/salsa OR sharing an appetizer.  decide that you’ll eat only ½ your meal and take the rest home.  choose between a glass of wine and berries for desert or sharing a more decadent option with the table.  don’t go in ravenous, ready to take on all 5 courses with abandon: make a plan beforehand, then enjoy!
  • be prepared: even fast-food restaurants provide healthy menu options these days, so don’t blame mickey-d’s for your ordering a quarter-pounder with fries when there are health(ier) options available.  check out restaurant websites and know your options before you go.  tip: often times the salads are the biggest calorie traps, so beware of fat-laden dressings!

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