excuse #10: “i’m not overweight or fat so what’s the point?”

excuse busted:

  • health matters, not just weight!  plus, beware: “skinny fat” folks appear to be thin on the outside, but have many health conditions similar to those who are overweight and obese.   nearly 30 million americans fall into this normal-weight obesity category – a scary number, given that often times due to their “thin-ppearance” many health problems such as high cholesterol, abnormally high body fat, high blood pressure, and increased heart risk often go undetected.
  • the benefits of exercise are not just limited to your outward appearance: studies have found a tight link between exercise and its effect on treating depression, reducing stress, and improving overall quality of life.  call it nature’s anti-depressant or whatever you’d like, but moving your bum is a major component of a having well-oiled noggin’.
  • it’s not just about you. especially if you have little ones, it’s important that you set a good example of living a healthy, balance lifestyle which includes being active and eating healthy.  you may not be overweight, but due to drastic changes in food and lifestyle, the obesity rate among little ones has tripled in the last forty years.  so whether it be your family or your friend that might need a little encouragement, living healthy is all around good for everyone…including you.

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