excuse #11: “i seriously have no motivation!”

January 05, 2011


excuse busted:

  • dig deep: identify what it is that drives you every day to get out of bed.  maybe it’s your kiddos or a career that completely fulfills you.  then put some thought into how being healthier would enhance that part of your life.  you’ll be able to be more active with your kids – or you’ll miss less work and be more productive if you’re not sick, tired, and worn out.  make that emotional connection and then write it down (see “motivation” section in 12-week planning of the fitbook)
  • get connected.  whether it’s finding a gym buddy or joining online forums, it helps to have a support system in place.  fitbookers unite on facebook, twitter, and of course there’s our monthly newsletter with recipes and motivation, as well as my blog which you can subscribe to where my goal is to connect with others and just be real. 
  • treat yourself!  nothing invigorates workouts sometimes like a new pair of running shoes or even just a few new songs from itunes.  set small, challenging yet attainable weekly goals, and then reward yourself for reaching them so you stay motivated daily to reach each weekly goal.  bonus: doing nice things for yourself makes you happy – and happy people make healthy choices.
  • focus on the positive.  always thinking about how many pounds you have to lose or dwelling on the dessert you scarfed down last weekend?  these negative thoughts will only derail your future success.  instead of thinking about the 6 more lbs you want to lose, give yourself credit for the 3 you’ve already lost.  or rather than focusing on the desert that you ate, give yourself props for waking up the next day and going for a nice long walk.  positivity breeds success!

 [have more ideas on creative ways to bust this excuse - share with fellow fitbookers and comment below]

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