day 2 of 28: don’t beat yourself up

so here’s something random.  i’m out the other night having random conversation with people who i barely know, and this guy says to me: “don’t be so hard on yourself.” not that odd, right? correct, had it not been the fourth time i’d heard it all week.  it really made me step back and think that if a person who doesn’t even knows me picks up on this apparent “aura” i have that it must be more serious than i’d thought!  operation: self-reflection begins. this will be an exploration and rather than air my woes on the blogosphere (which i have been known to do), i’d just like to challenge you to do the same thing.  if you’re joining me on this 28-day kickstart, odds are you’re either a little off track or completely off the map. regardless, the point is now that you’re making the choice to do something about it and if anything, know that if the founder of a company created to help others ‘live life fit’ has challenges, well then don’t feel so bad about yourself if you do too.  we’re human, for heaven’s sake. 

here’s the challenge for you: what did you do good today?  no, don’t focus on what you didn’t do. what did you do great? how did you impress yourself today? and if you’re not in the habit of going above & beyond even in small little ways, you should try it; it does wonders for your self-esteem.  case in point: i went to my friend’s house to go swimming & as i was walking to the pool (after he bailed on swimming laps with me) i seriously thought to myself “if i just sat in the jacuzzi for a half-hour, and came back wet, he wouldn’t know the difference!”.  it was cold out (ok cold being 70, but still!), my back and legs are killing me from yesterday’s torture workout, and well, i just didn’t feel like it. but i did it anyway, and honestly only because i knew that i had to write this blankety-blank post (start a blog…really, even if no one reads it, it works!).  my goal was to 25 laps in 30 minutes…and i got to 25 and i just got an itch to do 5 more…impress myself, go the extra mile (ok, 5 laps).  what did you do today to go the extra mile? let’s focus on that instead of what didn’t go right.  remember: positivity breeds success.

zone/block eating day 2: feeling great!  not sure if it’s the food or if it’s the water that i’m loggin’ like a pro, but i felt great.  i’m really not eating that much food but it feels like it because literally you eat every 3 hours, which i used to do anyway, but the portions are smaller. i’m finding that *gasp* i won’t starve!  so here’s what today looked like just to give you an idea…try it!

breakfast: 1 scrambled egg, 1/4c black beans, 1oz cheese, 1tbsp avocado served w/1 corn tortilla (2 blocks)
yes, the same as yesterday but it’s so good…
snack: 1/2c watermelon, 1/4c cottage cheese, 3 cashews (1 block)
lunch: brown rice tortilla packed with baby spinach, 2tbsp avocado as spread, and 3oz turkey breast meat (2 blocks)
snack: 1 hard boiled egg, 3 olives, 1/2 apple (1 block)
dinner: 2 small zucchini’s sautted in olive oil with 2oz ground turkey, sprinkled w/parmesan (2 blocks)

so i’m on the 10-block plan (read here for more info on zone/block) and i have 2 blocks left but i’m not hungry. perhaps i’ll enjoy an orange for dessert. (never thought i’d say that!).  honestly this nutrition plan is NOT that far off from how i eat anyway, but i’m loving the higher fat which has honestly (i wouldn’t lie) really helped with sugar-cravings. ok, now ask me about that one come friday-night-golden-spoon-and-chick-flick-night!

are you in for the next 28 days? i challenge you to think about one GREAT thing you did today and leave it in the comments.  do it!


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