day 3 of 28: holy murph!

holy #$%*&! (that’s how you spell “murph” when you’re frustrated in case you were wondering. c’mon people – it’s pg here!)  let me introduce you to this lil’ fellar of a crossfit workout that will seriously rock your world…

[warning: this workout is not for the weak-hearted, it will take all you’ve got just to get through it – mentally & physically]

1 mile run

100 pull-ups

200 push-ups

300 squats

1 mile run

(all for time, meaning haul a**)


my beloved friend & trainer jeff warned me, but did i listen or even heed his warning? oh no, not me. so i happily sip my 1/2 protein shake at 6am, saunter into the gym and hop on the treadmill like i own it. (um, i do now that my tailbone is better – well, that and good drugs)  i warm up with my 1-mile…check.  off to the assisted pull-ups (yes, you can do assisted as long as you set it to a weight that’s still tough!).  i toss my towel down and own the space because i knew i was just going to rock it for the next 40 minutes or so.  note: jeff told me that “murph” can be partitioned, meaning you can be strategic on how to finish it, so my “strategy” going in was 10 pull-ups, 20 push-ups, and 30 squats….repeat and do it 10 times.  set 1, cake.  2, check… 3, slowing d o w n….  “wait – must revisit strategy!”   by set 4 my push-ups were what we were slowing me down…i’d get to 10, 11,…12…13…ugh!  so i decided to change it up so set 4 was now 10 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 30 squats (to let my arms rest), then back to my last 10 pushups.  brilliant!

so set 4 was great – a newfound arrogance that yes, i in fact was not only strong enough but smart enough to conquer “murph”.  set 5, check…set 6…done, set 7…wait, why did i have a protein shake before this workout? let’s just say my stomach was anything but settled at that point and this is coming from someone that doesn’t get sick during workouts. luckily i muscled through (literally) and by set 8 i could see the finish line with the time still at a decent pace so i hit the homestretch trying to eek out a good time to impress jeff (who did this in 37 flat, by the way).  last set…DONE, yay!  all i had to do was just run a quick mile and be done, right?  oh yeah, 300 squats later i was anything but ready to hit the treadmill but more than anything my tank top was drenched and i was spent. that treadmill that i “owned” just a half-hour before was just mocking me by it’s mere existance.  so i manned up, hopped on and did intervals to try and recover as much as possible but get the time down. possibly the longest mile i’ve ever ran, however i was one proud girl when i hopped off the sides and clocked my time at 44:41.  i have no clue if that’s good or bad, but it’s DONE. 


here’s the thing: anybody can do this workout…if the pull-ups are too hard, use an appropriate weight on the assisted pull-up machine at your gym (i was at 85# just for reference).  push-ups a bit too hard or tough to keep good form? do modified pushups on your knees or incline push-ups.  or try paritioning it differently…whatever works for you.  but if you’re sitting there thinking you can’t do it, then you probably won’t try it and well, then you’re right – you can’t.  or won’t.  there’s this saying that lululemon has as part of their mantra that i love (pictured at right) and it reminds me that if we’re too comfortable, whether it be in our workouts, career, relationships, or life in general, then we’re not growing.  so whether it be trying “murph” or conquering some other “impossible” task in your life that scares you, go ahead and do it anyway.  you just might surprise yourself!

feeling brave? continue on this 28-day crossfit kickstart…check out day 1 for this week’s workouts and the nutrition plan!

now, go get ‘em – go scare yourself.

live life fit…

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