day 4 of 28: 20-minute workout, what?

September 22, 2011


i must say i was a bit confused today…and shame on me, i questioned my trainer. today was supposed to be an easy day after murph, oh murph. did you read about murph? you must read about murph. i digress. (ok, but not first without telling you what utter pain i’m in today….i just wanna get in one little whimper before i move on; i earned it.)


ok, so back to today.  here was the plan: 5 rep max on bench press, which is just doing 5 sets of 5 and increasing each set so that the last set of 5 is nearly impossible. crossfit is about going to failure – pushing your muscles so hard that you can’t possibly do any more.  funny thing about that is that you MUST FAIL for your muscles to grow. kinda like in life right? (side note: great book by john c. maxwell “failing forward”!).  ok, so set 1 started at 55# and i increased it 10# each set until i got to 95# on my last set, which fortunately i’d asked a  guy to spot me; i so failed. i think i did 3 by myself, 4 was a toss-up, but rep 5 was more like a bicep curl for my spotter.  ok so that took like 10 minutes.

onto my rowing! the plan was to do 4 sets of 500m rows on the rowing machine with a 2 minute rest in between each set.  i started rowing, and rowing, and rowing….and sidenote, it’s quite boring especially when you forget your ipod.  at the first 500m i wasn’t even that tired so i skipped my break and thought i’d just push through and same after 1000m.  so i just figured i’d go straight through and do the entire 2000m at once.  done: 11:21.  is that all? is my workout over? ah, if you listened to your trainer it would be, but no i decided that 11 minutes and 21 seconds was not long enough to be in the gym…so i hopped on and did another 2000m!  only later to find out that he wanted me to have a quick, easy workout because tomorrow’s “helen” is going to be brutal. oh well, i didn’t die and i’m proud that i pushed myself, but it’s also important to listen to your body and after murph i wasn’t listening because it didn’t have very nice things to say at all.  so i just pushed onward.

day 4 of this whole zone/block thing and the consensus is so far that i LOVE it.  i always look at my plate like “that’s it?” but because it’s so high protein & high (healthy) fat, it keeps you full on less food!  however, i will say that the snacks are usually more than i eat for snacks so really you’re just portioning out your food more equally throughout the day.  so here was my nutrition du jour:

breakfast: 1 egg, 1/4c black beans, 1oz cheese, 1tbsp avocado, corn tortilla
note: yes it looks like i’ve eaten the same thing everyday, but it’s SO good! however yesterday, since i had a protein shake before my workout i DID have 1/3c oats, 1/2c milk, 1/2 banana, 1tbsp walnuts + sprinkled it with cinnamon. just in case you want an option that’s not so egg/bean/avocado-ey.
snack: 1/2 pear, string cheese, 5 walnuts
lunch: brown rice tortilla with spinach, avocado & 3oz turkey
snack: protein shake made with 1c milk (pre-workout)
dinner: sauteed spinach + asparagus with 3oz shrimp pan-fried in coconut oil (mmmm!)
snack: orange + 1/4c cottage cheese

at first you think the zone/block way of eating is complicated but it’s honestly SO easy!  you have protein, fat, and carbs at each meal…period.  you include more on the protein side, make sure there’s always a healthy fat (but keep quantities low…remember that fat has 9 calories per gram whereas protein/carbs has 4 calories per gram so you may only need 5 nuts, or 2tbsp avocado, or a dollop of coconut oil to get in your fats).  here’s what i’ve loved about this: it makes me think about WHAT i’m eating and why, versus “what sounds good?”.  it seems to take the emotion out of eating (and for all you emo-eaters out there, i know you can relate!).  the other thing i love is that because it does take some thinking ahead, i actually write out my meals for the day ahead in my fitbook, prep my lunch & snacks the night before, and then the next day it’s like clockwork! 

in closing i’ll say this about today: have you ever had one of those days where so many things you’ve been thinking about and praying for fall into place all in one day? yeah i had one of those days.  in fact, i just looked up to heaven (ya know, because that’s the only way God hears you right?) and laughed because He didn’t just answer in a little way, it was so blatantly BIG that He was almost making this statement like: “see little girl, who are you to think you’re in control?”  so often we spend so much energy & time focusing on one area of life that we pour our hearts & prayers into, only to wake up and realize that it wasn’t that God wasn’t listening; He was just waiting for us to pray the right prayer.


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