day 5/6 of 28: sprintin’, kettlebellin’, pull-up’in fun

oh, HELL(en)! that was yesterday’s workout, or more accurately it’s called “helen”.  a crossfit concoction of:

  • 400m sprint
  • 21 kettlebell swings (on the heavy side; i did 25#) 
  • 12 pull-ups
    repeat for a total of 3 sets…for time. ah yes, of course!  time: 14:17.  i worked out at my 24 hour club so it posed a small problem in that the assisted pull-up machine was on the other side of the gym from the weights. so i admit that i stopped my watch for moving between locations; ideally it would all be close together.  problem #2: no kettlebells!  poor planning, ang.  not a biggie though, i managed to grab a 25# dumbbell by the end and swing it kettlebell style and it worked just fine. my whole body was achin’ from my rowing the day before so even though it was only 14m (& 17s), i was dying by the end. although no where NEAR as torturous as “murph”.  after feeling pretty good about knockin’ that one outta the park i sauntered over to the squat rack for some deadlifts.  as i approached i had vivid flashbacks to my deadlift workout only four days earlier with jeff.  slowing down, and seriously considering doing a 180 to high-tail it outta there, i again realized that i’d have to blog that i didn’t complete something, not to mention scribble it out in my fitbook!  with my back being a little sore, i lowered the weight a bit and did my 5 rep max deadlifts, so 5 sets of 5 starting at 40# and maxing at 80#.    30 minutes in the gym: done!

    today’s workout: (ah) pilates.  i happily popped out of bed looking forward to a limb-lengthening session on the reformer, which my body was craving after 4 days of kickstarting it (after idling on low for about 5 months)!  my oh-so-pregnant (and cute) pilates instructor, and dear friend, erica had a different plan…which did not include the word “relaxing”.  with my legs, back, shoulders, and yes, even core aching from this week’s workouts, there was no mercy on her part (which i love).  let’s just say my legs were quivering through most of the exercises, my push-ups were on the verge of pathetic, and core? yeah, i may not be able to roll out of bed tomorrow if my little abdominals don’t get some major r&r today.  i so earned my coffee afterward.

    the zone/block plan is spot on people…here’s a glimpse into my meals yesterday so you can keep grasping what this zone/block plan is all about.  again, i’m on a 10-block plan…and i’ll indicate below what each meal is:

    pre-workout: 1/2 protein shake with 1/4c milk, 1/4c water & 1/2 scoop protein powder (1 block)
    breakfast: 1/3c oatmeal with 1/2c milk, 1/2c strawberries, 1tbsp walnuts; coffee w/2tbsp cream (2 blocks)
    snack: 1/4c cottage cheese, 1/2 orange, 6 nuts (1 block)
    lunch: baby spinach & tomato salad with 3oz ground turkey, 2tbsp avocado & 1tbsp galeo’s dressing (2 blocks)
    snack: hardboiled egg, 1/2 orange, 5 nuts (1 block)
    dinner: 1 egg, 1/4c beans, 1oz cheese, corn tortilla  (2 blocks)
    not an ideal dinner in that i should have had lots of veggies instead of the corn tortila, but i worked really really late and this was easy to make really quick and run back to the office…better than grabbing drive-thru right?
    snack: 1/4c greek yogurt with 1/2c frozen pineapple sprinked w/peanuts (1 block)
    disclaimer: i fully intended on having my treat meal last night, however i got off work too late and golden spoon was closed (tragic) so i made this homemade fro-yo instead!

    2 things:

    • i’m SO getting me a mini golden spoon and curling up on the couch in this overcast cloudy weather to watch a chick-flick tonight - i earned it after this workout week of wonderfulness – not to mention being a good girl and doing my work all day today (except a blogging break and random words-with-friends gameplay).
    • do you know what tomorrow is?  yes, it’s sunday…but that means REST DAY.  jeff said to chill.  maybe i’ll walk my doggy or do some stretching, but honestly i need to rest my body for monday’s torture. 

    check back tomorrow for week 2′s workouts!  now, back to work…business planning, forecasting, budgeting, & cash flowin’…oh yay!



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