day 8 of 28: double, say what?

i head into the gym today already somewhat intimidated to do “fran”…apparently it’s brutal.  to remind you: it’s 21 thrusters (front squat w/barbell followed by overhead press), 21 pull-ups, 15 thrusters, 15 pull-ups, 9 thrusters, 9 pull-ups.  and who do i run into on the way into the gym? oh! my trainer jeff who was having a meeting with another crossfit trainer, tien.  lovely surprise, right? i thought so.  she’s a sweetheart…i was stoked to tell her about my 28-day challenge, blah, blah, blah.  that was until she (sweetly) burst my bubble. jeff asked how i was going to do the pull-ups for fran (either assisted or jumping) and i said assisted – like i’d done on “murph” last week. she’s like “well, you’re doing double then, right?”.  huh?  double? whatchu talkin’ bout?  she said that she was taught in classic crossfit that if you modify anything, for example doing assisted pull-ups instead of un-assisted, you have to do double. let’s just say she knocked me right off my high horse.  so what began as an intimidation of fran turned immediately to downright fear.

i sauntered into the gym and got started. for the thrusters i did the 45# barbell which i thought was going to be pretty easy – until about rep 6. at rep 15 i had to wait and catch my breath for about 10 seconds and was questioning whether or not i was going to pass out (seriously).  after the dizziness went away, i knocked out the last 6 and headed for the dreaded pull-up machine.  talk about motivation to be able to do pull-ups un-assisted!  i asked jeff if i could just do 3…rest, 3…rest, and do that til i got 21 but he said you lose the whole point of the exercise, hence the doubling up.  so somehow i knocked out 42 pull-ups but i did have to stop about every 15 or so. it was brutal. but no resting – back to the thrusters.  i thought 15 would be easy(er) than the 21, but see i hadn’t just done 42 pull-ups right before.  there was some crazy mental game going on because i just stared at the bar for a minute like it was my worst enemy. i won though.  i did 8…sat the bar down, rested maybe 10 seconds…then pulled out the last 7.  30 more pull-ups, check.  then jeff came and rooted me on for my last set, which at this point i really didn’t know how i’d get ‘er done but with him watching me somehow i get this extra burst of energy (it might be called ego-boost).  i didn’t have to stop on the 9, but the last 2 were super sloooowwww.  then he wanted me to hustle off to the pull-ups, as though i was racing the clock (which i was) but i was taking every little second to rest, knowing what lie ahead.  18 pull-ups…non-stop (if i remember right, i think i almost stopped breathing).  all that fun little workout in 11 minutes and 7 seconds. oh, fran.

so this whole double thing was brutal today, but do you realize what this means for “angie” on friday? (angie is 100 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats…NO partitioning).  that means 200 pull-ups…and at the rate i went today we’re looking at maybe 15max per set. i should send a memo to my office thursday night that if i don’t show up on friday to work i’m probably lying either underneath the assisted pull-up machine or just collapsed in a push-up position somewhere. 

nice seeing you today tien, really! ;-)

have i mentioned how much i’m loving the zone/block? somebody in pilates this weekend even asked if i’d lost weight.  probably because i’m just not all poofy from eating (as many) grains, sugars & processed foods…but i may have shed a few lb’s, or more like oz’s.  who knows…i only weigh every few weeks or so. which REMINDS me that i forgot to shout out my starting stats for our 28-day challenge – and my goal!  you know how BIG i am on goal-setting.  so as of monday (9/19) i weighed in at a whoppin’ 112.8# (joking) – but that’s not the shocking part.  my body fat is 22%!!!  ah the joys of feeling skinny-fat.  ok, not really, but it’s frustrating to see my body fat in the twenties after hovering around 15-17% for the past 10 years and going super-low (10%) during the competition.  however, that my friends, is the joys of NOT working out.  caused mostly by breaking my tailbone, i was unable to do a LOT of things (specifically strength training) without major pain.  and my biggest fear was that it would never heal 100%.  but i’m at like 95% and ready to rock this little bod back to the 15% range.  my goal for this 30-day period is to keep my weight the same actually and lower my body fat below 20%.  if the next 3 weeks are anything like this past one, and i continue to love this zone/block nutrition plan as much as i do: i’m golden.

wanna read more on it? it’s really not that complex!  i found this great article on - and click on the links at the right for more info on it.  and again, i prefer to call it the zone/block not the zone diet…that’s a four-letter word in my world.  it’s a lifestyle people, not a four-week fix! 

join me tomorrow for a 5k row!
(assuming i will be able to crawl out of bed)

now time to get some zzz’s so my poor, little, sore musles can GROW!

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