day 9 of 28: a day in the life

September 27, 2011


ever have one of those days that’s so crazy that you’re running around in circles looking for your cell phone…and it’s in your hand?  like you know you need to just stop and take a deep breath, but you don’t have time? that was my day.  [warning: if you are a working mother of 3 who happens to still fit in a workout, cook 3 meals a day, and volunteers daily at your local soup kitchen, you may become perturbed reading what i see to be a busy day.]

for efficiencies’ sake…we bullet point:

  • 5:00am   roll-out of bed wondering why anyone would be up when it’s still so dark out.
  • 5:30am   hit the gym for what was supposed to be bench press + a 5k row. problem: no rowing machine at this gym i went to.  hop on stepmill for 30m – problem solved.  abs, foam rolling, done.
  • 6:30am  train 2 new clients, one of which ended up puking; i still have not learned to take joy in this – i truly feel bad (but they still loved me!)
  • 8:30am  coffee stop (important part of my day) – pdm, 1/2 dark roast, 1/2 vanilla with real cream…mmmm.
  • 8:45am  at the office to work on business plan, financials, forecasts…overwhelmed by such complexity, i resort to just getting a new cup of coffee every hour. catch-up on email, prep our target re-order, put out fires, get ready for our fitbook PINK launch next week, finalize press releases, work, work, work.  seriously? oh wait, what business plan? forecast what? oops.
  • 12:00pm  lunch meeting at cpk with potential new distributor partner. tell me how many zone/block friendly meals you think there are at cpk!  my order: the hummus & veggie plate with a side of grilled chicken, pass on pita bread. check please!
  • 1:30pm  coffee break #2 for mid-afternoon caffeination at starbucks. then had to run back to the gym – i forgot my fitbook there this morning (heaven forbid!)
  • 2:00pm  focus, ang.  really?  you have a meeting at 2pm tomorrow to go over all this with your board. buckle down.
  • 2:05pm  oooo….let’s play on facebook & twitter!  oh wait, no. oh dear – better turn our attention to opensky with orders pouring in after fitbook’s debut. 
  • 5:30pm  leave the office wondering where the past 3 hours went – i was busy the whole time and didn’t make a dent in what “needed” to get done. yet, somehow it all seems to need to get done, now.  problem: prioritization! (well, that and focus)
  • 6:30pm  SMARTY event in corona del mar with luxe link founder kalika nacion yap who also happens to own a web design firm (citrus studios) and a brazilian waxing salon in honolulu.  did i mention this serial entrepreneur also has a husband, 2 little ones, and is on the board of 3 entrepreneur organizations? leaving inspired, fired up, and humbled, i am NOW in the zone to finally focus.  one of the big take aways: “don’t think about it, just do it.” (thanks for your advice, inspiration, and a much-needed kick-in-the-pants!)
  • 9:30pm  blog…because it’s my therapy, honestly.
  • 9:45pm close facebook, twitter, and all other applications with the exception of word & excel. in the zone, yeah that’s me in like 4 minutes. it may be an all nighter, but then again, that’s what entrepreneurs do.

if you ever have one of those days where you can’t fit it all in, remember that you’re not alone.  in fact, sometimes, you have to say no (i’m still learning how to do this).  and sometimes things don’t go as planned (no rower this morning…cpk for lunch instead of my zone-friendly brown-bag i’d packed).  slowly, but surely i’m learning to roll with the punches.  on the agenda tomorrow: workout is lumberjack 20 at 5:30am. 

pray for me.

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