day 10 of 28: a day of a.d.d.

i blame my crossfit workout for starting me off on a scattered start this morning.  if you were a fly on the wall watching me at the gym, i probably looked like i couldn’t decided what i wanted to do…run, no let’s lift, oh wait – run again, nah…let’s lift!  lumberjack 20 rocked my little bod in a serious way at the crack of dawn.  here was the workout, notes of pain in red:

20 deadlifts  –> run 400  warmed up with a little jog and hit the deadlifts…run at 7.0, no sweat.
20 kettlebell swings –> run 400m  eh, heavier weight than i’m used to at 30# but i nailed it…and upped my run to 7.5. getting warm!
20 overhead squats –> run 400m ok at this point i’m feeling a bit exhausted but still powering through…until…
20 burpees –> run 400m  burpees almost killed me…notice the underline and bold here people, understatement. then..what? run?
40 pull-ups –> run 400m oh lovely, double the pull-ups because they’re modified…whoo hoo! but this did give my poor legs a rest!
20 box jumps (24″) –> run 400m  um, kill me now. 24″ box jumps…and i’m 5’2″. but heaven forbid i go on a lower box and do 40…heck no!
20 dumbbell squat cleans –> run 400m  l e g s   d y i n g . . . can’t do more squats. i eek them out and haul it on my last sprint at 8.0

time! (27:40)

so that song-and-dance at the gym set my brain into scatterbrain mode (or i at least choose to blame it on that).  it’s been just a crazy week in the world of fitbook and i ask myself every day how in the heck i used to do all this by myself and now i have a very competent team on board! the plan was to get to the office – clarify highest priorities to the team and high-tail it out to FOCUS on high level strategic spreadsheets and stuff. it’s invigoratingly fun, let me tell ya.  oh, i got a ton done today, but it looked about like my workout…here, there, no over here, wait go there!  i am still dizzy.  ever have one of those days?  here’s the challenge: focus on what you DID do, not what you DIDN’T because inevitably it will still be there waiting for you. with getting in shape and even in life, it’s the same thing: being hard on yourself holds you back rather than pushing you forward.  

but…you can’t be too easy on yourself either right? if that were the case, well we’d all be lazy, overweight, jobless, and unhappy.  if you skipped your workout every day and just “went easy on yourself” every time, you’d never reach your goals.  and if you indulged in dessert every time you wanted to, well then you’d probably have a muffin top.  if you put off important projects at work because you “can’t focus”, you’ll be stressed from the last-minute pressure and under-perform.

so today was not the most focused (although i must say lumberjack started my day off awesome – it takes some massive mental energy to push through)…there’s always tomorrow.  but if i approach tomorrow with the same strategy as today, i’ll get the same results.  you know the saying: “if you do what you’ve always done,  you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”  so i’m literally chunking down everything i have to do, kinda like we do in the fitbook. so instead of a goal to lose 12lbs in 12 weeks…it becomes more achievable when you see it as 1lb a week.  so my blogging break, while still some form of procrastination, helped me vent a little, make light of my a.d.d., and make the choice to do something different. “operation: chunk it down” starts NOW!

signing off,
1 focused chica

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