day 11/12 of 28: life happens.

yes, i realize that the blogosphere did not come to a screeching halt because i did not blog yesterday. and blogging wasn’t the only thing i DIDN’T do yesterday. what follows is an explanation (read: excuse) of why i didn’t work out (*gasp*).  holy camoly, i’m human!  up working til about 2am the night before, i was less than motivated to get out of bed to hit the gym by 5:30am, knowing full-well that if i didn’t that there was no more time in my day to workout. i had clients to train at 6:30am and then it was a jam-packed day, beginning to end. so: workout on 3 1/2 hours sleep or get an extra hour of zzz’s?  i chose sleep.  hey – research shows that if you sleep less, you weigh more; however, i’m not saying it’s ok to log 9 hours of sleep a day and skip the gym. but you know what, sometimes it’s ok.  so being the unstructured, spontaneous person i am (ha!), i’m just going to just roll with the punches and do yesterday’s workout (swimming!) on sunday. there goes my no working out on the sabbath!  so, after a business coaching event (with wine!) and a glass of wine that was so worth being a little tired this morning…it’s a new day! [and yes, i realize i just used 5 exclamation points in only 3 sentences - i'm very excited apparently]

i kicked the day off with 6am pilates which definitely torched enough calories to burn off both glasses of wine last night.  it’s another day of run here and there, work work work…and it feels so good not to have the “looming workout” hanging over my head. my term, for avoiding working out in the morning and putting it off til later in the day.  for me, things always come up, so first thing in the morning is a surefire way to fit it in.  studies show there’s a 75% greater adherence rate for early birds! 

some days you just have to give yourself a break: life happens.  the good news is that what you did or didn’t do today won’t define your life (or it doesn’t have to)…your response to it is what will determine your success.  case in point: if i was mad at myself for NOT working out and enjoying 2 glasses of wine, odds are i would have mental conversation in my head going something like this: “seriously? you didn’t work out you lazy bum…and THEN you decide to drink a few glasses of wine?  see…you failed again!  ooo… peanut butter!  that will make me feel better…[eat excessive amounts of peanut butter]. ok now i failed again…GREAT!”.  and so the cycle ensues: maybe you can relate.

so i suggest being kind to yourself, give yourself a break every now and then, but get back on it the very next day!  the awesome thing about being healthy is that we have the opportunity to make different, better choices each day.  for example: tonight i’m training a few clients and then off to babysit my girlfriend’s 2-year-old while mommy & daddy have date night.  of course we could watch a movie or play inside, but rather i think i’ll take her for a walk in the stroller….or play outside…and move.  making that choice sets me up to continue making even better choices.  often times it’s not the BIG choices that define your life, but the little ones along the way.

enjoy your weekend…make it BLISSful.

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