day 17 of 28: under the weather

yesterday: “i won’t get sick…i won’t get sick…i won’t get sick!”
today: i’m sick.

rolling out of bed after sniffling & sneezing all night, i saw it was a drizzly day and thought that it really was the perfect day to stay home sick in bed, cuddled under the covers.  if only.  i still convinced myself i wasn’t sick…got ready and headed to the office.  why, i asked myself, do i have to get sick right now? i don’t have time…and i’m blogging for 28 days about crossfit and for the past two days i have nothing to report except being sick, tired, smiling (and in love). so the contemplation today was, gym or no gym?  at about 3 i headed home in the pouring rain, with the full intention of getting a few more hours of work in before heading to the gym.  my body told me otherwise.  sitting on my couch, sipping my french press coffee, and doing my darndest to keep my eyes opening while proofing my business plan…somehow my head hit the pillow and the sound of the rain pitter pattering put me right to sleep.  much-needed sleep so i can get better, but being the stubborn person i am, if i hadn’t fallen asleep i would’ve been at the gym knocking out the  ”jackie” workout. 

speaking of knocking out things, here’s why i must get better, like ASAP: fitlosophy and LA Boxing have partnered up and we’re BOXING4BOOBS this saturday at all LA Boxing locations around the country.  find the location near you….i’ll be at the costa mesa location on 17th & newport for a 9am kickboxing class, sporting pink.  all day, classes are free, there’s no enrollment fee for signing up, and if you do sign up you get a free fitbook PINK – plus proceeds benefit breast cancer!   for the 2nd year now, fitlosophy has released our limited edition fitbook PINK with $4 from the sale of each fitbook going to breast cancer research and awareness.  it’s a very personal PINK project for our company and we’re honored to partnered with LA Boxing for such a worthy cause.  so come out and join us – i’ll be donning my NEW live life fit tank (in PINK of course!) and gloving up to knock-out breast cancer.

so tonight my (sore) little tush stays glued to this couch, rain still coming down, with a kleenex supply within arm’s length.  yes, this cold has put a dent in my 28-day plan, but then again…such is life.  no, it doesn’t go our way all the time.  or so i’m learning (says the self-admitted control freak).  so even if your days are grey (like mine was today)…add a little color to it (like PINK) by doing something worthwhile for a good cause.  so come rain or shine, sniffles or sneezing, i’ll be boxing4boobs this saturday…read up to find out how you can get involved and give back!

now off to proofread again…until i doze off again, that is.
with love,

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