day 18 of 28: zone? what zone?

here’s a logical thought:  i am sick. i should not workout so i can get better faster. i’m not burning calories. i will eat clean, healthy food and less of it.

here’s how my head works: i am sick. i feel guilty that i can’t workout even though i’m sick. golden spoon will make me happy!

this is a phenomenon that i’ve never understood about myself.  i’m so black or white, all-in or all-out. it drives me crazy.  when i’m working out…i’m in the zone, i’m focused, i’m workin’ it at the gym and my eating is spot on.  life inevitably happens and i’m derailed from my perfect plan, and all hell breaks lose. ok, yes i admit my idea of “hell breaking lose” is a measly serving of golden spoon with dark chocolate chips sprinkled on top, but still.  i know there have been times where i’m down and will eat because, well golden spoon makes any day better, but i honestly don’t feel that way much anymore.  i’ve learned to enjoy my treats guilt-free…this ensures that the guilt-cycle doesn’t begin.  ok, but here’s the kicker: why am i only able to say no to tempations when i’m working out? it’s baffling.  i’m really not frustrated here…just fascinated at how our minds work.

so my most sincere apologies if you’re following this 28-day plan to be inspired by my sheer determination and stick-to-it-iveness!  oh, i’ll be back. this cold will be adios by tomorrow i’m thinking…i’ll go knock-out some breastcancer at LA Boxing (boxing4boobs!)…i’ll feel better and i’ll be back in the zone. oh, and then here’s what happens: what is it with mondays?  like, i always say to myself “i’ll SO be back on it monday”, as though i can’t get back on track on a sunday. so while measley as it may sound, my goal this weekend is to get all better, and get back on my ZONE plan, get back in the workout ZONE…and zone in on my goals. starting SUNDAY…not monday!  see what i did there?  yeah, i know. i’m crazy switchin’ it up like that.

i’m off to get in my “z” zone…as in ZZZZ’s!
nighty night!

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