day 19/20 of 28: hold please

have you ever seen that episode of friends where phoebe is on hold with the bank all day? 

“your call is very important to us. thank you for your patience….”

that’s about how i feel right now with the whole 28-day crossfit kickstart program. like i just keep repeating over…and over…and over that i’m sick, that i’ve had to miss my workouts in attempt to get better…and it’s thrown a whole wrench in this 28-day thing.  but the thing is: i’m sick.  and i’m not gonna get better by playing with “fran”, “nancy”, or heaven forbid the “lumberjack” at the gym.

i went ALL OUT at the boxing4boobs event at LA Boxing on saturday (which was seriously amazing, thank you for asking!).  still sniffly & sick, but not one to take it easy – especially in a class setting with an instructor that taunts you if you’re not pushing hard enough.  so the craig-meister (that was our instructor) seriously rocked our world at 9am.  sweat-drenched i wanted to stay around and just see how the rest of the event went…get people to take the class, donate money to breast cancer, enroll and get a free fitbook PINK. all that good stuff.  oh, but me with a.d.d. forgets about all that and begs the instructor to let me go in the ring and hit the pads with him. this is seriously a ridiculous workout. he killed me. not just punch, jab, cross, kick, knee…blah blah blah.  oh no. it would be a complete combo and then “drop and give me 5 burpees”….do the combo again…”5 more burpees”.  after 45m i wanted to curl up in the corner and hide from the boxing gloves. my body was done.  oh, and did i mention i was sick?  my only good excuse for all this is that it was for a cause…as though my torturing my body was somehow going to generate more money for breast cancer!  i’m so excited to see how much money we raised with LA Boxing for breast cancer.  every club around the country (approx 70!) had this event and all month a portion of proceeds from memberships AND fitbook PINKs go to breast cancer – plus members and non-members can donate in the clubs.  we’ll report our numbers at the end of october – stay tuned!

needless to say, my body was hating me this morning. my cold came back with a vengeance, my head was killing me, and every single little inch of my 5’2″ body was aching. shoulders, abs, arms, and my glutes…oh the tush. i’m so treating myself to a massage this weekend.  but first: i must get over this cold. so as i sit here (still) with the kleenex box an arm’s length away, sudafed stocked up, and hot tea brewing, i’m sad to say that planning my week’s workouts isn’t quite as fun as usual. it’s unknown (you know how i love unknowns) how i’ll feel each day…so i’ll take it day by day.  but the goals i can achieve and what i can control is my nutrition, so i’m going to spend the evening prepping my proteins, cutting my carbs (literally, slicing and dicing my veggies), and packing the fats (which means tossing the bags of nuts i bought into my laptop bag so they’re always on hand for snacks).

so i’m taking the week off.  from workouts…and blogging through this 28 day program.  even though i love my therapeutic blogging which entertains me entirely too much, it’s time that i could be resting and getting better faster. and stay tuned as i return next sunday for the final 7 days of this 28 day crossfit challenge.

interesting fact: tomorrow (october 10th) is exactly 12 weeks til 2012. i thought it was last week, but it’s tomorrow.  so crack open a new fitbook if you haven’t already!

have a great week….
*cough cough*

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