day 20 of 28: a royal kick in the keister.

oy. that’s how i feel after a week of being sick, stressed, and sans workouts. and i’m sorry, but when you’re sick, a can of tuna with sliced tomatoes, avocado & olive oil is not exactly comfort food.  if you’ve ever read any of my blogs, i’m rather notorious for being all or nothing. and this week: nothing. blah. ew. blech!  painfully honest, yes – but let’s face it: i’m human just like every single person that reads my blog. whether you read this blog to be inspired…or even if you just  read for the sheer amusement of my wordy insights into my own little world, here’s what i hope: that through my honesty you (humorously) find yourself not alone. no matter whether you’re a stay-at-home-mom juggling 10 things at once, a middle-aged dad pulled in all different directions, an athlete at the top of your game, or an overweight and depressed soul wondering how to break the cycle…no matter who you are, we all have tough days. and i only hope you can relate to the ups and downs that i too go through.  trust me: i have days where i feel like a failure…a hipocrite even.  who am i to run a fitness company or seek to inspire others when i myself fall every now and then?  ah, but this is what makes me human. i’ve had so many people ask me how i can understand how they think and feel when what they see of me is a picture on the website showing off my 6-pack abs and size 2 body.  and like most things in life, you can’t always judge a book by its cover.  there’s so much more to me than being ‘fit’.  just like someone that is 50lbs overweight.  your exterior does not define who you are, yet everyday we are judged based on this and we  even do the injustice of judging ourselves.  as though i’m less brilliant, any less successful, less loving, or even less compassionate if i weigh 3lbs more than i did yesterday. so why, i ask myself, is this so common?

i get emails, facebook messages, and tweets quite often from fitbookers that are saying the same thing…reaching out in an attempt to connect, hoping that something i say, write, or do will transform their thinking. and i do try.  not because i think i know how to fix people…but because i can relate.  because i think the same thoughts, feel the same feelings, and do the same things they do. and over the years i’ve been blessed to have healed so much and in that healing, i find fitlosophy as my outlet to help others.  and i’d be dishonest if i didn’t say that through helping others, it truly gives me so much more in return.

here’s what i know to be true: a diet, workout program, nutritionist, a personal trainer, or even i cannot do anything to change the “physical you” if you first don’t address the “emotional you”.  i truly don’t see being overweight (or even underweight) as being the problem, but merely a symptom of what lies within. being unhappy with one’s self just manifests itself in different ways in different people – a common one being their physical well being.   what am i getting at?   most people think: i’m unhappy because i’m overweight.  and i would argue that they’re overweight because they’re unhappy.

so why now do i dump this deep dialogue on you? um, well it wouldn’t take too bright of a person to figure out that maybe, just maybe i had a rough week. anytime i get even a tad bit off my schedule, the control freak in me goes off her rocker.  working myself entirely too hard and not getting enough sleep led to getting sick (go figure!) and the only positive i can take from last week is that i was smart enough (for once) to not keep working out while i was sick.  and what bothers ISN’T that i didn’t workout (ok, maybe a little), but how it throws me into mental mayhem. 

but i remind myself of this:

“it doesn’t matter how many times you fall down.  what matters is how many times you get back up.”

so with sniffles gone, head cleared, and goals set…i’m back!  (again.)  i’m heading into the last week of the 28-day crossfit kickstart program and frankly, i’ll continue doing these type workouts long after the 28-days has passed.  it’s completely re-defined my idea of what it means to be fit.  so if you’re needing a royal kick in the keister, please join me. won’t you?

monday: today’s WOD (workout of the day) from crossfit…trainer jeff did it in 34:01 so i’m thinking i’ll be lucky to break 40m!
5 rounds for time: run 200 meters, 20 pull-ups, run 200 meters, 20 push-ups, run 200 meters, 20 sit-ups, run 200 meters, 20 squats

tuesday: 30 minute beach run

wednesday: “roy” – do 5 rounds for time
15 deadlifts, 20 box jumps (24″ box), 25 pull-ups

thursday: 30 minute stepmill + 20m ab workout (planks, leg raises, med-ball crunches, pikes on exercise ball)

friday: pilates

saturday: “chelsea” – do the following on the minute for 30m (so 30 rounds total!)
5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats
PLUS 2000 meter row

sunday: REST!

oh and i’m actually CRAVING the zone **** (i don’t use the d-word).  if you recall, i’m doing the 2-block plan, meaning that each of my 5 meals are 2 “blocks”, consisting of 40% protein, 30% carbs, and 30% fat. i’ll be posting my meals this week – and you can also go back and view the first 19 days of this challenge too. 

closing thoughts: we may not be able to change the past, but we always have an opportunity to shape our future.
choose wisely.

live life fit!

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