day 21 of 28: plan c

at an incredible SMARTY event today, 150 women entrepreneurs (and 2 men!) from across southern california had the honor of touring the fantastic dermologica headquarters and hearing founder jane wurwand tell her fascinating story making her dream a reality.

the tidbits of brilliance were priceless, including to be authentic as she quoted the great oscar wilde:
“be yourself. everyone else is taken.” 

or sharing a life-lesson her mom taught her at a young age:
“life is not about balance. it’s about resilience.” 

then she spoke on the importance of having a plan c.  of course everyone has a plan a and some people have a plan b, but who has a plan c?  the truth

getting SMART! (see, i do where something other than workout clothes!)

is, in life or in business, rarely does anything go as planned. i speak of this often when i rant about my broken tailbone or my head cold that threw my little workout life into a tizzy.  but this applies to so much more of life. this lesson is something you’ll eventually learn, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or a mother (right moms?).  jane’s example was one of finding a passion and you’ll know you’ve found that passion when you’d do it everyday for three years without ever getting paid.  you have big plans, ideas, and dreams…but along the way, you learn that plan a doesn’t always work out so well, so you shift to plan b.  and she humourously joked (in her eloquent british accent) that if plan b doesn’t work out that you might just think about plan c: give up and get a job!  half-joking and half-truth i think. there are many times that we have to look at our lives and wonder if we should keep doing what we’ve always done and possibly keep getting what we’ve always got?  or will one more time around result in a different outcome?  it’s a stretch, but let’s apply this to my gym experience this evening.

plan a:
head home RIGHT after work, toss back a quick protein shake, hit the gym by 5 to avoid the rush and knock out my seriously insane crossfit workout that i’d already neatly jotted down in my fitbook.  what a great plan! 

**plan averted: getting into the office later than expected after the SMARTY event, i wasn’t able to tear myself away until 6. of course i hit traffic, had to take little mylo for a quick walk and suddenly it’s 7.  (briefly) considering a quick jog instead of going to the gym at rush hour, i left for the gym before i could talk myself out of it. 

plan b:
hit the gym at prime time to do a workout that consists of running sprints on a treadmill circuited with pushups, pullups, squats, and sit-ups…5 times through.

**plan averted: with not one single open treadmill, my plan came crashing down.  and even if one opened up, i’d literally have to do my pushups, squats & sit-ups ON the $%&# treadmill so as to claim it so i could quickly do my next 200m sprint. while it would be quite entertaining, i decided it would not be the best option to play treadmill hog.

so you know how well i deal with plans changing. i seriously was pacing back and forth with this little conversation going through my head:“maybe i’ll circuit with the elliptical…but no, that wouldn’t get my heart rate up fast enough.  maybe i should take a spin class – but it doesnt’ start for another hour!  hmm…maybe i’ll go home, yes that seems like a good idea. ok, no ang you can’t go home silly…you’d have to blog about it!  seriously, why didn’t i wake up and go this morning? ugh!”

yes, this is what chaos goes on inside my head. and yes, i too think about just sauntering out of the gym because “it must be a sign that i’m not supposed to workout because the treadmills are taken”!  but thinking back about what jane said: i knew i had to be resilient and put a plan c in place. 

plan c:
quickly thumbing through my fitbook to see how i could rearrange my week, i decided to switch thursday’s workout with today.  low and behold the rowing machine was open (of course it was, who actually enjoys it!?).  30m on the rowing machine followed by a killer 20m ab workout: crisis averted!

so thank you jane, not only did you inspire me as an entrepreneur and business woman, but your wise words taught me a useful little lesson about staying on your toes.  we must be open to whatever life throws our way. always have a plan in place, but never underestimate the power of having a plan c.


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