day 23 of 28: misery loves company

question: what do you do when you realize that is highly likely that you will find a “reason” to not workout?

a. cross your fingers & hope for the best

b. start thinking of the good “reason” (read: excuse)

c. phone a friend

well, admittedly i’ve tried all three.  but last night as i jotted down the workout for today, i literally had tears in my eyes in anticipation of the torture that i knew was ahead. so, i chose option (you guessed it), c!  i texted my friend & trainer jeff last night to see if i could convince him to workout with me at 6.  i should have clarified that i meant “PM”, as in not before the sunrise, but he was only available at 6AM.  so at the crack of dawn i meet him at the gym, we warm-up (which his warm-ups are almost a workout in itself), and then prepare for: “roy”.

oh roy.  roy, roy, roy. let me introduce you:

  • 15 deadlifts
  • 20 box jumps (24″ box)
  • 25 pull-ups
    (5 complete rounds, for time)

ok so deadlifts with jeff isn’t like a 45# bar…oh no, you pretty much max out but not so heavy you lose form. so mine was 85#…his was, i don’t know like 2x as much!  then might i remind you that in crossfit if you have to “modify” anything, you have to do double. DOUBLE!  so needing to do assisted pull-ups, that’s right – i got to do 50!  24″ box jumps…cake (or so i thought).

and they’re off!  knocking out the first set of deadlifts, a little confident i might add, i swiftly move over to the box and…nothing.  nada. mentally i wanted to jump on the box, but i went to jump and my glutes and legs were telling me otherwise.  i stared at that darn 24″ box (mind you, i barely top 5’2″) – it was my nemesis. jeff kept telling me to go, and usually in front of him my ego will force me to get through my fear or pain.  not this time.  it took me a good 30 seconds to get my feet off the ground after balking about 5 or 6 times. after the first jump i got in a groove but by the last reps i had almost ate it twice.  my poor booty was  quivering, the muscles were so tired!  after finishing, i waddled as quickly as possible over to the assisted pull-up machine where i had to eek out 50. yes, they may be assisted, but mind you that does not mean easy.  resting half-way through, i see jeff doing 25 straight pullups as though he could have been doing them in his sleep. cake!  round 1: done!  how many more?

regroup: set 2 and onward i lowered to a 12″ box, which meant i had to do double.  seriously my heart rate was through the roof: 40 box jumps FAST.  and meanwhile jeff & i are neck & neck…yes, i had to do double of 2 of the exercises but his were twice as hard: 24″ box jumps and he was doing the pull-ups on olympic type rings: killer!  by set 4 i told him that i just wanted to either lay down & cry or quit  .rarely do the words “quit” or “can’t” come out of my mouth (especially in front of him!).  he corrected me, mentally kicked me back into gear, and together we pushed each other through the last 2 sets, both finishing right around 23m.  i was dead…dead, i tell ya!  and this sounds horrible, but the only thing that made me feel better was seeing him right there with me, dead as a doornail. ok, he wasn’t quite as bad as me.  and so this proves the old saying “misery loves company” to be true, in a very literal way.

i needed that – badly. regardless of the physical benefit of working out THAT hard, there is a total mental shift that happens when you accomplish something that literally & physically seems impossible.  i will give crossfit props for being probably just as much, if not more, mentally challenging as it is physical.  you’ll have a workout where you have to complete 5 rounds and being so dead after round 1, you seriously start to get psyched out.  the sheer number of reps in some of these workouts:  it’s inhumane. the intensity levels are through the roof, and while i’ve seen physical progress, i’d say i’m benefiting just as much mentally for being able to fear, dread, do, and then be able to say i did 250 pull-ups, 200 box jumps, and 75 deadlifts today.  so what did jeff have me do before i left? that’s right: 25 box jumps on the 24″ box…just so it didn’t conquer me mentally.  and i rocked ‘em.

yay me. and yay jeff: thanks for being miserable with me.

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