b #thankful: this one’s personal.

i’m thankful. for so many things. each day that goes by that i may face struggles or obstacles, i always remind myself just how blessed i am.  if you really think about it, all those trials and tribulations that seem so painful at the time, end up shaping the person you are today.  we are exactly who we’re meant to be right at this exact moment and all our wonderfulness is just a mere product of all our experiences. 

this is personal for me – not just because i’m having one of my “deep thoughts with angela” blogging moments, but because i think by being truly authentic, you allow people to see the real you.  and in seeing your imperfections and weaknesses they gain more appreciation for your strengths and triumphs.  when i created fitlosophy almost 4 years ago (in january), i was adamant about creating a company and products that inspired people to live a healthy, active lifestyle…and i always wanted the credibility to be based on that alone.  not me or my story.  but at a conference just this past weekend, there was a resounding concept that i just couldn’t get out of my head: ”why”?  the idea was that people don’t buy things because of the “what”…if all products were identical and there were no differentiating factors in the performance, design, or value, what then sets it apart?  it’s the “why”.  why do you put your heart & soul into something…why do you get out of bed each day… what the “why” behind what drives you?

and it came to me just like that: i needed to share my “why”. view the video below and discover my “why.”  then join me on a movement that i created in an effort to put some “muscle” behind a cause near + dear to my heart. b #thankful: what do u <3 abt yr bod? 

with all my <3…



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