nyc: silliness, sippy cups + schlepping in stillettos

silly. silly, silly silly. that was book of mormon, which i thoroughly enjoyed my last night in new york city. those were some much-needed laughs after the day i had!  so with our sippy cups o’wine in hand, my hot date marcia and i settled in for the highly acclaimed broadway show, which was written by the creators of south park (boulder shout out!).  it was pretty amazing to have the show open and see that the star was the actor josh gad from the daily show with john stewart, and the movies ’21′ and ‘love and other drugs’.  he (and the entire cast) of mormon boys were hilarious, amazingly talented, and wildly entertaining. (do you like how i’m reviewing this as though the NY times might pick this up?).  but if could choose a phrase to sum up this show it would be: jaw-droppingly funny.  like some parts were so horrific and wrong that you couldn’t help but laugh, and at the same time have a tiny glimmer of guilt for laughing at all!  a few parts went a little far for this little conservative christian girl from the middle-of-nowhere, but i was absolutely able to appreciate the humor, story line, music, choreography…everything.  there was this man in probably his seventies sitting next to me and the entire time, marcia and i are just watching him and the elder member of the audiences…what was their reaction?  like this so isn’t something i’d take my momma to.  and when we walked out of the theater, still with tears in our eyes from laughing so hard, i must say that i was mighty tempted to peek into the church right across the street and make sure God and i were still cool.  we’re good.

so my last day in the city: this was what i’d been waiting for.  i printed my presentations, slipped on my stilettos, and primped and prepped as i headed off to meet with (hopefully) new retailers.  oh-so-gracefully, i trekked from meeting to meeting with THE 25lb box of fitbooks, product samples, and promo materials, while toting my laptop bag, and rolling my suitcase behind me. classy, right?  the meetings were so close that there was no time to go back to the hotel before heading to the airport, so off i was.

meeting #1:  met with the senior buyer from modell’s, an east-coast sporting goods store with around 147 (and growing) locations. i loved learning that it was family owned & operated and the owner, to this day, is still highly involved in the day-to-day of his business and locations – probably a large part of their success.  outcome: the buyer really liked our line of products, specifically the fitbook, and our live life fit line (coming out soon!) and wants to test it in a few stores. i loved that he said “anyone that comes in our store with any goal would benefit from this product.” my thoughts exactly.  so watch for fitbooks hitting modell’s in times square soon!

meeting (attempts) #2, 3, 4, and 5: with so many companies headquartered in new york city, it would be silly to not at least attempt to get a meeting or at the very least get samples in the hands of important people.  the buyer at equinox will have a sweet little display of 10 fitbooks on her desk tomorrow and a live life fit tank top – my goal: try ‘em!  if they sell, call me. (they will…i just know they will!)  then off to barnes & noble, paragon sports, and physique57…samples left with names on them. say little prayers that they land in the right hands!

meeting #5: 2 cabs and 1 train ride later from penn station, we arrive in farmingdale…as in like way outside the city.  but worth the trip for sure, i met with the head buyer at bed, bath & beyond and am happy to report that it couldn’t have gone better.  a previous participant in weight watchers, she immediately saw the value in a product like the fitbook. since we have very similar target customers, she thought it would make a great addition to their counter-top displays at checkout.  hello, prime placement!  outcome: testing fitbooks in 30 locations – and a few up in canada. did you know they have bb&b in canada? well, my fitbookers in canada probably do and will be happy to pick it up there instead of paying for shipping!

another meeting highlight: i was able to meet with the head of PR at soul cycle (my latest obsession – yes, i bought 2 shirts).  my little gift to her: 2 fitbooks with the soul cycle logo on the cover…how sweet would they be with yellow binding?  i then gave her my 2 cents on how  they MUST (not should, but must) open up an orange county studio so i gave her the scoop on the locations i recommended.  i’ll make it my personal mission to get this soulful spinning experience in my ‘hood.

finally, i must share details of my meeting with the fab 4 editors at SELF magazine. not only were they sweet to spend an hour just talking biz and life with me, um…it was hilarious.  mostly because meaghan murphy, the deputy editor is a crack up.  7 months pregnant, she arrives to the meeting tugging at her dress which she realized that morning was a bit shorter than the last time she wore it because the #babybump was hiking it up a bit more.  one of my proudest moments was when she exclaimed that she “swears by fitbook” because she used it to lose 45 lbs from her first baby and that she clung to it like a lifeline.  so obviously i was more than elated to show her  mama2b, our latest little bundle of joy, which will hit shelves next month.  randomly the conversation flipped from one topic to the next, them wanting to know my story behind the company, how i came up with the product, all the way to what we have coming up next.  and then somehow we ended up talking about my um, bra size.  i thought: “what better group of women to ask for a great recommendation for a sports bra than these ladies?”.  so one comment turned to the next and all i’m thinking is, “how am i in a meeting with SELF magazine editors talking about my boobs?”.  slightly entertaining.  meaghan’s advice that i must share: “once you go past c (cup size), you have to divide and conquer.”  as in encapsulation sports bras that “split up the girls” (like lulu’s ta-ta tamer).  ha-larious.

so cabbing a countless number of times, walking city blocks, and trekking by train, 4 days later i’m happy to report that the trip was a success.  even with no time for shopping or (intentionally) getting lost in the city that never sleeps, i  absolutely fell in love with new york city.


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