toss the scale: real goals for REAL life.

so i had an epiphany after a thought-provoking conversation with a friend of mine the other day.  this friend admittedly has struggled with her weight for years, and bless her heart no matter how much she weighs, she’s always struggling to keep it off.  she jokingly told me that she gets overwhelmed and can’t relate to my goals of doing 50 pushups…bench pressing my body weight…and leaning out to 15% body fat.  she laughingly, but honestly admitted that she’d just be happy to get off her hiney and move – forget doing sets, reps, circuits, and sprints!  and it dawned on me: how many people out there am i completely missing by not being 100% real?  i mean, i’m pretty darn real people – aside from posting pics in a pink sparkly bikini (again), i’m not sure how much more real i can get.  but sometimes i share my big goals – and not the deeper, more meaningful goals that lie beneath.

so, forget those big pie-in-the-sky goals for just one moment – the ones that sometimes can end up frustrating you and causing you to toss in the towel.  read this list of what i call “real goals for real life”…the real motivation behind all those numbers we hope to see on the scale or jean size we hope to fit into one day.  i’ve put a little red asterisk next to ones that have personally went through my head in the past month or so…you know, for the sake of being real with you. then i brainstormed a list that might hit home with you based on feedback from fitbookers just like you…

my real goal is to…
[which of these can you relate to?]

  • walk into the closet and pick out anything to wear without having to build an outfit around what fits*
  • go to the doctor’s office and for once have them comment on progress in the right direction
  • slip on a pair of skinny jeans without it becoming a cardio exercise in itself just trying to put them on*
  • be able to keep up with my little ones/nieces/nephews – and be around many more years to watch them grow up
  • walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded
  • get rid of the muffin top that so beautifully spills over when jeans are too tight*
  • enjoy a nice meal out guilt-free…because when you’re in good enough shape, your body burns it like an incinerator!*
  • never ever again go on a crash diet or follow a fad that just results in empty promises – the only way is to workout + eat health(ier)…period.
  • gaze in the mirror and really, truly like what you see*
  • experience the joy of having to tighten the notch on your belt
  • happily go shopping for new clothes…because you need smaller sizes, not bigger
  • go for a jog and not feel my belly shake or thighs jiggle*
  • focus on health goals (like lowering cholesterol and blood pressure) instead of being obsessed with the scale
  • to confidently rock a bathing suit – keyword: confidently (no matter what shape or size)*
  • to be proud of myself for what i’ve accomplished, not mad at myself for what i haven’t*
  • lose the negative self-talk – it sabotages your success and those around you*
  • be a positive influence on those around me – turn social time into active outings versus sipping empty calories
  • finish something i started, not give up on myself, and know that the end result is far greater than any short-term sacrifice
  • expect greatness! INSTEAD of thinking “what if i fail (again)?”, TRY thinking “what if i succeed (this time)?”*

so pick one: what real goal hits home? make that your motivation + inspiration for the week ahead.  if we take a step back and identify what is really driving us deep down to reach these bigger goals, it becomes easier to stay connected day-in and day-out.  don’t see your underlying motivation in this list? share yours. do it – dare to inspire others.

keep it real.

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