20twelve: 13lbs down + picture perfect

i bet you anything that as much as you think i’m transparent and honest on my blog, i truly am only as open as i can be while maintaining a teensy eensy bit of self pride. which is why that when i cracked open my 20twelve fitbook to the ‘before measurements’ page, i knew that i hadn’t shared them with you. yes of course i’d blogged that i’d been dealing with stress and hormone issues that had my body fat hovering a bit (read: lot)  higher than i’d like. and while i’m on facebook encouraging y’all to take before pictures because you’ll have something to look back on and be proud of, do you think i snapped one? see, i’m just like you. moreso than you think. which is exactly why we started 20twelve. if you recall, i told you just about 3 months ago that we were launching this 12-week program so we could do this together. never do i want any fitbookers to ever think that we toss out recipes, workouts, and nutrition programs and say “here, good luck!”, rather it’s important that you know that the head honcho here (yours truly) is a living breathing example of someone who knows your struggles and lives them too. it’s rather difficult at times to have my only “professional” fitness photo be that of me at 25 years old rocking a 6-pack and have that be the image that everyone has of me in their mind. because not only is that not attainable for most people, but it’s not who i am right now. so each day i hold myself to that standard and measure myself against something so trivial. rather than look at myself and see the accomplishments, blessings, and talent that God’s given me, am i really so shallow that my worth is based on a photo snapped seven years ago?

at the beginning of 20twelve, as you knew, i was struggling with even feeling well – and thank the LORD i’ve got my pep back and am feeling like my zesty little self again. and while i’m working to get my cortisol and hormone levels worked out, i’m proud that i’ve been focused more on my health than the number on the scale. what amazed me was that as my focus shifted, so did that number!  here’s my before and after 20twelve measurements:

weight     128lbs        115lbs
body fat   28%           24%
chest       36″             34″
waist       29 1/2″       28″
hips         36″             35″

yes, i’m proud of myself and i’m not downplaying my success at all, but here is the most important part for you to take away from this! PLEASE pay attention. (PLEASE)  if all you do is pay attention to my weight you think WOW she lost 13lbs which seems like a lot, right? but honestly, notice how high my body fat still is. again, i’m working on that, but the important thing to note here is even though i lost quite a few pounds, i only went down 1 jean size…and i’m 5’2″!  so this is a lesson in the importance of body composition. i’m ALWAYS preaching how it’s more important to lose FAT and not pounds…watch the body fat calipers, and not the scale quite so closely because that is where you see true results. that said, because my hormones and adrenals were so out of whack, my body wouldn’t shed fat like i was used to. i definitely had the pounds to lose and NOW i can focus on lowering the body fat. and what i’m excited to show fitbookers and 20twelvers NOW is HOW to keep your body weight almost exactly the same and just change that body composition. i have no desire to go much below 115 – but i’m aiming to get my body fat between 15-20%. so watch for my next blog as i share my next 12 week goal!

driving me to reach this goal was all of you – all the 20twelvers who were losing inches, gaining self-esteem, and adding years to your life.  and at the end of 20twelve, coincedentally there just so happened to be the photo shoot for our new website which is launching early next month. of course i can’t share my hot new photos quite yet, but this pic here is just a peek at a happy me, the way i am now. there’s a 6-pack-in progress under there somewhere, but it doesn’t define me.

so i encourage you to look at yourself – your life and how you just might be too hard on YOURself.  so many things we fret over + focus on come to define us and yet they are trivial matters in the whole scheme of life.  remember that being a size 2 will not make you happy – nor will getting a 6-pack or a promotion.  what i hope to instill in you is a desire to live a healthy, happy life so you can do just that – live it!

yours truly,

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