this has been a common theme in my life lately, this concept of vulnerability. at the expense of exposing your true self (emotionally, not physically – keep it clean, people), you have the opportunity to 1) humiliate yourself or 2) become known.  or both. and here’s what i’ve found. in response to my extremely open + honest blog post the other day i received not 1 or 2, but 6 direct communications from individuals that were touched by what i’d said. it wasn’t necessarily what i said, but that they could relate and share their own stories with me via emails, facebook messages, and even text messages.

in their words:

“I too, have many days of feeling like a “fake”. I definitely need to dig deep and remember my “why” for being healthy.  Thats where I find fitbook really helps, to see triggers, patterns and just to keep me feeling in control and accountable.”

“Wanted you to know I just read your blog and am now crying the ugly cry. Your words really hit home and give me solace, reminding me I’m not in this alone.”

“Unbelievable how reading one article from someone that I always felt “had it together, living the healthy life” actually struggles like the rest of us. Reading this, HONESTLY gave me motivation and made me realize that we all have our own demons but with the help and support of others, we can rid ourselves of these demons and we can start on a journey of living life fit.”

“You described me to a T.  I have struggled over and over. I am so tired of the mental struggle and beating myself up. I have to forgo all of my elaborate plans for “the perfect me”. I can’t live this life of obsession anymore.”

can you relate to even one of these? can you see that the person that you often think has it “together”, probably doesn’t? they didn’t judge me by what i said, but what i said freed them to expose their own fears, their own insecurities, and their own feelings of feeling fake.

here’s what struck me about this: why do we all operate in a world where we run around trying to appear to be something we’re not, when what truly connects us to each other is the mere fact that we’re all perfectly imperfect?  if what resonates with others is your ability to be open, to be seen, to be transparent, why then is so much energy spent upholding a persona that is merely that: a persona.

wanna join me as i explore this further? right now i’m reading “daring greatly” by brene brown - a book all about how having the courage to be vulnerable can transform your life.  don’t wanna commit to a book?  check out ms. brown’s 20min TED talk on your next run or stepmill session and not only will you break a sweat, but you just might break down some barriers as well.

vulnerably yours,

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