week 1: all in.

here are words you would never (ever) hear me utter – until now:

waiter: “would you like a glass of wine with your dinner?”

me: “no, thank you. green tea, please.”

in my head: what? you’re in VEGAS…at a nice restaurant, no less!? who are you turning down wine?

that wasn’t the only time i shocked myself this week.  i told you, when i’m in – i’m ALL IN.

  • NO hitting the tables in vegas – INSTEAD hitting the pavement for a run on the strip (tough for the admittedly somewhat-addicted blackjack player)
  • NO peanuts or pretzels on the plane for me – INSTEAD eating tuna straight from the can (however i did my fellow fliers a favor and waited til i got to my room)
  • NO skipping workouts because of traveling - INSTEAD i planned my workouts ahead of time (what a concept, says the creator of the tool to help you do so)
  • NO cream in my coffee this week - INSTEAD a splash of non-fat milk (ok, i only did this a few times – but it’s a step in the right direction!)
  • NO goldenspoon on friday night – INSTEAD treated myself to a lil’ pint of arctic zero in pumpkin spice (a whey protein-based frozen treat…not the same, but it did the trick)
  • NO drinks on saturday night – INSTEAD a skinny steamer from starbucks for dessert (steamed non-fat milk with 1-pump hazelnut…yes, it’s the equivalent of a warm babies’ bottle for adults, but it’s a healthy nightcap given my options)
  • NO workout on sunday - INSTEAD…okay there’s no positive here (was supposed to do active rest and unless my 3-hour nap counts, it didn’t happen)

not exactly one to always give myself credit for what i DO do (sorry, i just envision joey from friends laughing right here), i tend to focus on what i didn’t do.  and honestly this is probably the first time i realized how helpful fitbook can be in that. go figure!  if i were to just rant on about my week, i would focus on the fact that i didn’t get my active rest day in, that i slipped in a brown rice tortilla on a low-carb day, that i may or may not have indulged in cream in my coffee this weekend.  see that’s how my mind works.  yet, i go to fill out my weekly wrap-up page and it just occured to me how much i did right.  i nailed ALL my workouts for the week, even in spite of my traveling.  i did darn good on my new low-carb cycling program (love it, by the way).  and so (usually) ensues, the downward “i messed up, my fitbook isn’t perfect, blah blah blah” cycle. but no. not this time. when i was journaling my motivation for this week it was this: (see photo at right).  translation for those not adept at reading “angela”: “what inspires me – not giving up again! i don’t want to be (re)committing in 2013 because i didn’t buckle down NOW!”.  somehow i’ve got to learn how to connect that long-term motivation to those moments when i get off track. heck, if i could do that for myself, let alone everyone else in the world, i would be a hero!  and all i know (right now) is that i’m still focused. and i want more than anything to keep you inspired along with me. forget the few too many nachos you had during the football game. who cares that you missed a few workouts last week.  if you’re like me and focus only on what you did WRONG, i guaran-flippin’-tee that come january 1, 2013 you will have given up.  thrown in the towel. decided that you can always wait til january to reach your goals. and i’ll ask you this: “how’s that workin’ for you?”  we may be the crazy few who are deciding to buckle down through the holiday season, but i promise you that you’ll be glad you did.  i promise you, it’ll be worth it.

now, all that said, i’m going to be writing our thanksgiving day guide soon – so tell me what YOU want to help you navigate this holiday season! i’m on it.

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