PREP SCHOOL 101: 3 sessions to rock a 6-pack

obviously anyone that creates something like the fitbook is your typical type-a, mildly obsessive, totally organized personality.  yes, that’s me.  and while there are some downsides which i won’t bore you with, when it comes to dialing in on those BIG goals, planning ahead is crucial.  enter the king of all meal planning tools: the 6 pack bag.  this mighty meal-packer is a planner’s delight, giving you all the slots + spaces to pre-pack healthy meals and more.  um, not to mention the snazzy little mesh pocket which fitbook nestles nicely inside.  add a food scale to the mix and it’s quite the trifecta of tools for planning, prepping + packing for success.

i’m always lecturing on this subject which is why i’ve pulled together a little prep school 101:  a 3-session series to make meal planning + prep easy whether you’re a gym rat + nutrition know-it-all, or a fitness newbie that still doesn’t know how to spell quinoa (keen-wa).

ok, class head on over to 6 pack bags to start session #1:  PLANNING is for winners.  while you’re there, get the scoop on how to enter a giveaway for a 6-pack bag, fitbook + lil’ red food scale!


p.s. WARNING: my guest blog post may contain proper capitalization which may throw my blog readers into a tizzy.

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