PREP SCHOOL 101: session #3

you still with me, class? you’ve now planned + prepped.  the final course in PREP SCHOOL 101 is packing portions.  not gonna lie, i’m pretty excited that we’re giving away a 6 pack bag, fitbook + lil’ red food scale and pssst….i hope one of you wins!  i don’t do giveaways, never have…not even a blogger, really. but when i had the chance to communicate the very important lesson of prepping to reach your goals, i jumped on board.

leap quickly over to 6 pack bags and take a gander at session #3:  PACKING portions.  get my 3 tips to:

  1. plan meals ahead of time (in yer fitbook, of course!)
  2. pre-portion to avoid inevitable portion distortion
  3. pack it up – pack it in…let me begin. i came to win! (sorry, couldn’t help myself).  insight on packing food and how i use the oh-sexy 6 pack bag

i recommend you move on over to their blog to read up before i break out in song and dance. it won’t be pretty.


p.s. thanks to the sweet peeps at 6 pack fitness for inviting me to invade their blog for a few days to communicate this pertinent planning + prepping program.

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