#21days2change: 6 days in.

this #21days2change challenge has been just the little kickstart i needed to get my rear inIMG_20130602_211107 gear. one who usually tries to conquer the world in a day, this has really pushed me to focus intensely on making just a few small changes and sticking to it. 6 days in, i’m not gonna lie: i’m killin’ it! every day logged in my fitbook with an insane level of detail….2+ liters of h20 every day (this is miraculous)…and fit in all planned workouts so far. i’ve done umpteen fitbooks and this time seems different – more achievable. less focused on numbers on the scale and more focused on creating healthy, lasting change. here’s what i did this week that has worked for me:

yeah, that’s right. i made a plan to make a plan. i almost always plan workouts the week ahead in a rush before i go to bed sunday or first thing monday morning. this often results in double-booking or forgetting things like travel or events that get in the way of my workout schedule. but this time i blocked off time sunday and sat down with my outlook calendar, my fitbook, and my workout buddy. we try and workout 2-3 times a week together so we literally booked our workouts as appointments in our calendars, planned exactly what workouts we’d do each day of the week, and set a time/place.  tip: treat these appointments with yourself as you would a meeting with a client or friend; it’s your time and don’t let other people’s schedules dictate your commitment to your goals.


foodprepone of my weekly goals this week was to cook 2 “stretch” meals that i could eat throughout the week. i prep chicken, quinoa, and all that fun stuff on sunday, but by the time thursday rolls around, yet another spinach salad with chicken, quinoa, and avocado just isn’t exactly appetizing. so that’s when i tend to just get a juice for lunch or get lazy at dinner and have some sort of scramble. this week i made super-clean chicken spinach enchiladas and a huge vat of turkey chili that could feed an army. just having those two options available, lunch has been a breeze to pack, and i get to come home without having to think about cooking dinner. i just add an extra serving of veggies! so yes, last night was steamed broccoli and an enchilada. not exact a culinary match made in heaven, but it worked.

for workouts that i know might be tough for me to make, i set a gym date with a friend. i somehow coerced brittany to meet me at 5:45am spin this morning there because i knoew it makes hitting the snooze button and deciding “i’ll workout sometime later” nearly impossible. i tend to book these gym dates on thursdays or fridays because at the beginning of the week i’m dialed in and excited to workout, but by thursday/friday my energy tends to wane.

as though you don’t know this one. if you follow me on instagram, facebook, or twitter, you’ve been photo-bombed by me in an attempt to keep myself accountable – to you! it’s one thing to COMMIT to yourself that you’re making a change, it’s a whole other thing to COMMIT publicly like you have during the #21days2change. but it’s a whole other level of when you’re putting the challenge on! i can’t tell you how many liters of water were chugged so that i could snap a pic of me and my smartwater bottle. or how many pages in fitbook were completed intricately because i wanted to share a photo with all of you! so if you want to take your commitment to the next level – try it! snap pics and tag @fitbook on intagram/twitter and use hashtag #21days2change and it will automatically appear on our facebook challenge page!


IMG_20130605_192949you can’t know where you’re going if you don’t first embrace where you are. so sunday evening I took my measurements:

current weight: 120#        goal: ~115# (weight isn’t as important to me as body fat)
current body fat: 19.6%   goal: 15%
other goal – pullups: 3     goal: 10

ok, now that’s full disclosure! but i owe it to you. you all are so open and honest with me and i want to be the same. we’re in this together! share how your past 6 days have been. and remember: the beginning is always the easiest, and but true results are seen by being consistent. by sticking to it when you feel like giving up. by quickly recovering when you veer off-course. struggling? let me know or share on the #21days2change page…i’m here to help!

COMMITedly yours,


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