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June 11, 2013


i thrive on succeeding. i get straight A’s. i’m always striving to be the best i can be at20days2change infographic
whatever i do. and not that it always works, but the intention – the desire is there. so i kick off this #21days2change challenge as a way to COMMIT wholeheartedly to changing 1 or 2 teeny-tiny things consistently for 21 days straight. it’s day 11 – just over half-way. so being the achiever that i am, of course, i wanted to quantify how i’m doing. here’s my score:

days planning + tracking workouts: 11/11 [A+]
days logging every morself of food: 11/11 [A+]
days gulping my 2 liters of H20: 9/11 [B-]

here’s the math: 100% + 100% + 81% = 93.67%

that’s an A.
ok, whew.

so why sweat missin’ 2 days of not drinking enough water?  seems like “eh, no biggie”…but herein lies the problem: it’s slippery slope. when we decide “oh, well” then that becomes our attitude toward the rest of our life. now, i’m not saying we should dwell on it because, let’s be honest: it’s just water. not being perfect doesn’t define me. but my response to not reaching my goals – that does define me. what i’ve learned is that i may not be able to control every single detail of what happens to me, but by golly, i can control my response to it. i know, this is fairly deep for a lesson in hydration, but bear with me.

here are my tactics for staging a come-back so your minor slip-up doesn’t trigger a major face-plant.


the when [you are likely to slip up]
drinking my agua during the week is easy. i fill up my bottle, get to the office, and there sit my beautiful water-chugging chicas that watch me like a hawk and lovingly point out how many ounces they’ve downed for the day. so 1 liter down, no problem. then a killer workout and nightly sipping easily gets me to my 2 liters. but weekends? no bueno. whether it’s nighttime munchies that sneak up on you or late nights at the office that bombard your workout plans, regardless of the setback, identifying WHEN you struggle is the first step.

the why [you slip up]
i love coffee. i’m slightly obsessed. so come saturday morning all i want is a hot cuppa joe to energize me for a workout, then hey, why not another warm mug with my protein pancakes? coffee at church? oh, don’t mind if i do! i told you: obsessed. it warms me up in the mornings and is an afternoon pick-me-up that makes me smile while running errands and enjoying my weekend afternoons. so honestly the last thing i wanna do is reach for my smartwater bottle that i’ve given enough love all week long. it’s boring, bland, and frankly, i need a little space…a break, if you will. rather than fight your willpower, understanding WHY you slip up and creating an alternative healthy habit is much more successful than forcing yourself to do something that you dread.

the how [to stage a come-back]
knowing that i struggle on weekends [WHEN] because i love coffee [WHY] leads me to put little tactics in place that get me to the same end goal but are less willpower and more habit-based. here’s HOW:

1) implement daily reminders: sometimes it’s not that you don’t want to, you just space it! so for me, writing DRINK MORE WATER at the top of my food log page on saturday/sunday will keep me more mindful and conscious of my goal during those times i struggle. add an alarm in your phone…a sticky note on your mirror…whatever tickles your fancy.

2) camouflage your goal: or make a bit more enticing. for me, this would look like mixing up a batch of strawberry-basil-infused water on saturday morning and sipping it in my life factory glass bottle. no luke-warm smartwater bottle on weekends for me, no it’s fancy fruity water in my fancy schmancy bottle! maybe you struggle with weekend workouts? plan your favorite sport with friends. don’t dig veggies? sneak them into your smoothie by adding a handful of spinach (which trust me, you won’t taste it). this is far more effective than forcing yourself to do something that you dread because it’s sustainable long-term.

3) get over it…now: tomorrow is always a new day. don’t dwell on a minor slip-up. try to let go of the “i’ll start over on monday” mentality.  it’s contagious and i’ve been bitten with that bug one too many times. i’ve made a major mental shift from that week-based approach to “tomorrow is a new day”. that’s why i love this #21days2change challenge: it keeps me focused on each and every day. missed the workout you had planned today? oops.  take a peek back at your weekly plan and see if you can shift things around to make up for it later in the week or tack on an extra 15 minutes tomorrow. have a goal of no soda and a coke zero snuck into your hands? step away from the soda. and just gulp an extra 8oz water today and get back on the no-soda train immediately. shaming yourself does no good. so get back at it…now.

so, share your grade-A tactics for YOUR #21days2change goal!  where do you fit in our #21days2change infographic?

skipping soda?
snooze-button no-more?
aim for more veggies?
fancy some more fruit?

how are you sticking to your COMMITment?

happily hydratedly yours,

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