trifecta of change: part I

i’m eternally fascinated by what drives people to make positive, lasting change. and i’ve tried just about everything from 12 week challenges with workouts and meal plans detailed out [12 weeks to summer bod + 20twelve] to more intrinsically-driven motivational approaches [#iamMORE]. and not only do i create them for you to help you reach your goals, but i design them to keep me motivated and also observe what works and doesn’t work. yes, i’m a purveyor of all things related to goals. a self-proclaimed expert, if you will.

what’s fascinated me about our #21days2change habit-forming challenge was not only the profound effect it had on me each day, but the level of excitement and engagement i saw in you.  here is the first in my 3-part series behind the power of change:

focus on change

PART I: the power of ONE

i don’t know about you but i’m always bombarded with a plethora of health info that overwhelms and often contradicts, leaving me wondering “so, what am i really supposed to do?” you read one article saying you need to drinks lots of water and then the next one says you can actually drink too much water! [clarification: take your body weight in pounds divided by 2 and aim to drink that daily in ounces] then there are claims that coffee, chocolate, and wine are good for you (praise God!), and then lo-and-behold a new study comes out stating, hmm…maybe not. break a sweat for at least an hour a day to be healthy, wait, no…short bursts of energy is best and just 20 minutes will do. carbs are bad –  ok, not all carbs. fat is bad but healthy fats are good. eat clean -but what’s that mean? paleo, wha-what?

anybody else feel a bit dumped on by data? this often leaves me feeling like i have to do everything to reach a level of health perfection and when i get overwhelmed, well i just reach for my cup of coffee and shrug my shoulders in sheer frustration. no matter what i do on any one given day, i can’t be perfect. i guarantee some cream will slip into my coffee or froyo might melt in my mouth; my hammy will be acting up so my run pace slows or i’m traveling and my schedule gets kerfuffled. (it’s a word). so the beauty of this 21-day challenge is that i had a very defined, focused goal of what i was going to do for 21 days. regardless of anything else, i COMMITed to drinking 2L of water per day and logging my nutrition + workouts every single day. and what i found was that focusing intently on those specific goals left me feeling accomplished. the power of setting such a specific, defined goal for a short period of time allowed me to at the very least accomplish my ONE goal. and the rest fell into place: planning my workouts inadvertently ensured that i scheduled them into my week…writing down my food made me more mindful of my munching…and drinking my 2L of water every day kept me hydrated (and full), gave me more energy for my workouts, and yes, i even was told my skin looked brighter. bam – goal-setting at its best.

POWER TIP: choose ONE thing you want to improve for 21 days, or heck set an “other” goal in your fitbook each week that you will focus on daily for 7 days straight. the power of setting this ONE goal will keep you from getting boggled from information overload and get you to take bite-size steps to reaching your overall health goals.

chime in: did this work for you? what positive effects did you see from making ONE change for the past 21 days? were you able to stay committed? stay tuned for part II of this 3-part series to see if i was able to! :-)

COMMITedly yours,

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