trifecta of change: part II

onward to part two of my non-scientific but oh-so-relevant reasons behind why i believe the #21days2change challenge worked. not just for me, but for you too. here’s reason part

PART II: the power of MANY21days2change infographic
research shows that you’re more likely (76% to be exact) to reach your goal when you engage with others by sharing your goals and also keeping them posted on your progress. in the past, my 12-week programs were just me spewing information into the blogosphere and offering up information if you were so inclined to join me. that leaves your success hanging in the balance, hoping that the words i put to screen somehow motivate you to take action. but this challenge was much different. you were involved. we jointly had to COMMIT to making a change – and not just to each other, but via multiple social media outlets. now, one could think this is a social media ploy to get you to share your love of fitbook. ah, if only i were that intelligent. no this was about YOU. there was no requirement to post pics of your fitbook or even use our products for that matter. this was purely to get you to take action to better yourself by setting a goal, proclaiming it for all to see, and then keeping us posted on your progress. the byproduct of this was all of you seeing areas where others just like you were setting goals [in our fanchy-schmancy infographic] and encourage each other along the way. this conglomeration of camaraderie drives change. it’s not just you alone trying to make a change, but it’s a joint effort where a team of people are there by your side cheering you on when you succeed and picking you back up when you stumble. and i’m sure the rewards didn’t hurt either! :-)

for me, this was probably the biggest driving force because each day, not only did i make a mental effort to move toward my ONE goal, but i had to take action to share my progress with MANY of you. this resulted in multiple in-office chug-a-lugs of our water bottles, frantic food logging if i hadn’t kept my fitbook up-to-date that day, and workouts that i would otherwise “put off” because i had made a COMMITment to you. humans are fascinating: we will often let ourselves down, but we are less inclined to let others down. and yes, we’re just your facebook fitbooker friends, but in a small way it connected us for 21 days.

POWER TIP: buddy up with 1 or 2 others on your health journey! aside from our support on social media, hit up a friend or get your family on board so you can make positive changes together. create an environment of accountability – not enabling. set small rewards together so when you both/all reach your goals as a team, you get to jointly celebrate small successes. COMMIT to a few workouts per week together and skipping fill-in-the-blank-with-your-weakness for 1 week straight. then reward yourself together with a mani-pedi or a glass of wine at dinner!

do tell: what’s your next short-term change you want to make for the NEXT 21 days? how can i support you? what would you like me to blog about to get you there? i’m listening.

COMMITedly yours,

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