trifecta of change: part III

part three in my mini-series is all about YOU. here’s reason très why #21days2change works.believe you can

PART III: the power of YOU
i mean, yes our social media rocks (thank you, thank you) but it’s not about us. it’s about what we inspire in YOU. there was something about this challenge that convinced you that you were capable. interestingly enough, at a recent childhood obesity conference, we were speaking with a researcher who was flipping through fitbook junior and her comments were interesting. she said that a child’s approach to reaching goals is drastically different from an adult’s. whereas a child must just merely write down or state that they’re going to do something, they innocently do not question their ability but stating the goal in itself is reason enough to drive behavior. however, adults on the other-hand must believe that they can achieve a goal to be able to truly engage in working toward it. self-efficacy then is the driving force behind why we even attempt goals in the first place. you’ve heard it many times: you can’t motivate someone to [lose weight, stop smoking, eat healthy] until they are ready and willing to do it. they must first believe they CAN, and then and only then, will they identify the WHY that will drive them to make lasting change.

and that, my dear fitbookers, is why i believe #21days2change shifted my/your mindset in a tiny way. how many of you have kicked off a 12-week goal of losing 20lbs only to be frustrated when you don’t reach that goal? but was it a reasonable goal? the sheer simpleness of having you choose a very achievable, small goal for 21 days gave you a daily sense of accomplishment of doing one tiny thing. this affirms your need to believe you can make change – and those self-serving, warm fuzzies of being successful further fuel your belief in yourself to do bigger and better things.

  • “if i can stop drinking soda for 21 days straight, well maybe i can actually start drinking 8 cups of water a day!”
  • “if i was able to break a sweat for 20 minutes every day for 21 days straight, maybe i could bump that up to 25!”
  • “if i was able to get 2 servings of veggies every day i know i can do 3!”

did i drink my 2L of water every single day for 21 days? um, no. i had 3 days of not-so-heavy hydration. but even on those 3 days where i didn’t quite hit my goal, i still took in probably double my water intake of any average day prior to #21days2change. yes, i’m water-challenged.

POWER TIP: seeing small progress fuels lasting change. up your goal from #21days2change just a bit to see if you just might be able to impress yourself. you won’t succeed every single day, but if you shoot for the moon you will get a lot closer than aiming for the asphalt.

behold the power of YOU. share with me what YOU accomplished in the past 21 days and how it shifted your mindset of what you’re able to accomplish? or did it? share your thoughts so i can tweak this formula to create more challenges for us to make postive, lasting change. together.

COMMITedly yours,

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