blood. sweat. tears.: life-changing #’s

4that’s how many months ago today that i lost my momma to a very quick, vicious battle with say that it’s left me a bit dazed and confused, angry at times and lost at others, is an understatement. but my momma raised a strong, faithful child of God who knows better than to sit around feeling sorry for herself. sadness is okay. self-pity is not. so in the after-math of it all, i wanted to do something therapeutic that would give me something (positive) to focus my energy on. oddly enough, exactly 6 weeks before we found out about the diagnosis, i had signed up to run my very first half-marathon. a personal goal, not a charitable or honorable cause behind it. purely just wanted to run it. fast-forward, and after losing her, my motivation drastically changed as i ran it for momma.

here are the life-changing #s behind my passionate pursuit to keep my sweet momma’s memory alive + my next steps to make an impact in a very real, and (not-so-small) way.

18: the # of days we had from the date of mom’s diagnosis to her going to be with Jesus.

kajillion: # of times i asked myself why.

6: # of weeks i had to train for my first half-marathon.

1:57: the time i ran my first half-marathon in, (barely) beating my goal of sub-2 hours, at a pace of 8:37. yeah, i rocked it…for momma.

13.2: # of miles and corresponding musings + misery of my first half-marathon.

6: the # of seconds it took me to realize that i wanted to do more. for her. she deserves it. and so i approached team in training (TNT) and the leukemia lymphoma society (LLS) with my idea.  enter: fitbook TNT.

20%: portion of the proceeds from the sale of the commemorative fitbook TNT that goes to support LLS in memory of momma. joining forces with these two fab organizations gave me a purpose, a new-found way to feel as though something good (albeit emotional) could come out of all of this.

$3200: amount i needed to raise if i wanted to run with team in training. what? another race? “well if you’re raising money for LLS, you may as well train and fund-raise for a cause!” oh my, what did i sign up for? to make a difference. and if it means running (again), run i shall.

10.20.13: date of the nike women’s half-marathon in san francisco. holy hills, pray for me.

2: # of people i’ve recruited thus far to represent team fitbook. me + my girl lani. best biz buds since day one, we lost lani’s mom to breast cancer the same year (2008) we started fitlosophy and created fitbook PINK in her honor. so you can imagine my joy when she said she wanted to join me in my effort to #run4momma. for our mommas.

$10,000: our original fundraising goal for our team. side note: i don’t fund-raise. i don’t ask people for money. it’s just not me. but this is a cause i believe in wholeheartedly. so i committed to raising this much over the next 4 months. until….

$50,000: the amount team in training told me i needed to raise in order to be able to dictate WHERE the funds would are directed and give the money in my momma’s
memory. this was a game-changer.

24.5%: survival rate for adults diagnosed with AML (acute myeloid leukemia), the rarest of the 4 most-common types of blood cancer with the lowest survival rate.

20%: percent of AML cases where the mutant gene FLT3 is found. this is the rarest, fast-moving, fatal type of leukemia.

3: as in 3 other F words i could use to describe this mutant FLT3 disease thingy (flyin’, flippin’, fierce….i’m a lady).

100%: amount of money that i want to go directly to dr. cathy smith at UCSF who has dedicated her LLS grant-funded research to finding a cure for FLT3. how? raise $50,000.

here’s where you come in.

$4: proceeds that go to LLS when you buy a limited-edition fitbook TNT with pretty purple binding

$56: (or more) donated gets you a free fitbook TNT.  56: her young age of when FLT3 took her life too early. donate $1 or $1000 or anywhere in between, anything is a blessing, but give $56+ and i’ll send you a free fitbook. my treat.

1: # of people it takes to make a difference. that’s you. wanna run with team fitbook? oh, please do: the more runners, the more people we have behind reaching our $50,000 goal. you can run any race from anywhere in the country – just sign up with team in training and join the corporate team “fitbook” at sign-up!

follow me in this (purple) passion-driven pursuit to #run4momma. i promise it will be a wild, mildly-entertaining, and at times emotional, but worthwhile ride.

running with love,

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