4 tips for a healthy ho-down

here’s my fit tip round-up to keep us all (somewhat) healthy for this 4-day, 4th of july weekend ho-down:


get packin’:
food, berrypatrioticparfaitnot heat! (although rumor has it that we may be goin’ out to shoot skeet on sunday, but that’s just hearsay.)  when traveling for the fourth, whether you’re road tripping or just heading out for a bbq, be smart by packing healthy options. of course you’re going to indulge a bit, but make sure that you’re not at the mercy of cheetos, hot dogs, and sugar-laden soda for your sustenance.  stock up on these cooler-friendly, non-melting, shareable healthy treats:

  • steaz zero-calorie green iced teas: naturally sweetened with stevia + oh-so-refreshing.
  • mocha-flavored almonds: coffee + chocolate + almonds = caffeinated, antioxidant-rich, protein-packed bites of heaven.
  • mini sweet peppers + hummus: the perfect veggie on-the-go. additional options: sugar snap peas, fresh green beans, brocolli florets, or baby carrots – no slicing or dicing required!
  • protein bars: a must when traveling since it’s not always an option to pop a can of tuna on the boat. my fave right now are lara bar’s new ALT protein bars (10g protein, <20g sugar) or  think thin  (20g protein, but does have sugar alcohols).   i limit these on a daily basis, but they’re not your worst option on the 4th of july!


when it’s hot out you need to stay hydrated.  and no, beers + soda don’t count.  keep a water bottle on-hand and sip between adult bevvys (you’ll thank me tomorrow) and snack on water-dense, summer fave foods like watermelon, cucumbers + celery with hummus, or my lil’ guilt-free berry patriotic parfait for dessert.  if you must imbibe, opt for low-sugar options like this skinny jalapeno margarita or low-cal beer.  on the no-alcholol train? skip soda people – see above for my fave zero-calories iced teas, or go old-fashioned style and make sun tea like momma used to.  but regardless, keep agua in el hand-o to beat the heat!

it’s hot. there’s bbq’ing + fireworkin’ to be done, so who wants to be all sweaty in a gym? no sirree bob. so fit in a quick HIIT(ing) explosive workout first thing in the morning to torch calories. think resistance + plyo for maximum burn in a short period of time – try my 7-minute summer scorcher (print it out + take it with you).  then, go play: water ski, go tubin’, toss the frisbee, play sand volleyball, and of course there’s good ol’ splashin’ in the water. that’s where i’ll be. at the lakes. on a boat. and more than likely swimming for dear life after being catapulted off the inner tube by my crazy uncle.

sunscreen + safety:
slather on a minimum of SPF 30 and make a mental note to reapply each time you eat some grub.  want a sexy tan? trust me, a red (farmer’s) burn is not-so-sexy, so layer on the lotion to get that golden glow.  then, if you’re partaking in the aforementioned adult beverages, you need to rethink your choice of play.  obviously no sippin’ + swimmin’, beer + boatin’, but remember to play it safe with fireworks, wear your life jacket, and don’t go squattin’ near the rattlers.

you’re welcome.

i’m beyond excited to go home and float on a boat in the forecasted 100-degree dry heat.  but all silliness aside, amidst the bbqing + boatin’, let’s not forget the reason we celebrate this independence day. there’s nothing like downtime with family to remind us just how blessed we are to have the freedoms that this country provides.

[cue the fireworks]

patriotically yours,



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