five: the countdown begins

July 09, 2013


5: as in, gimme a high-five.
5: like roman numeral V as in victory
5: like, the number of little piggies per foot
(sorry, just coming off a weekend with my sweet 8-month old nephew and i played one-too-many little piggy games)

so what, might you ask, does the #5 have to do with anything remotely related to my rambling?

today is exactly 5 weeks until we celebrate fitlosophy’s 5th birthday. that’s right, five whole years.  and in celebration we will take a little trip down memory lane by posting milestones on facebook daily for the next 5 weeks.  then on thursday, august 8th we will celebrate our big 5 at the IDEA world expo in los angeles. it seems like just yesterday i was launching my lil’ fitbook there at IDEA in vegas back in 2008.   join me on facebook over the next 5 weeks as i share how i turned what once was just an idea into reality (hint: lotsa work!) and check in daily as i give away vintage fitbooks every single throwback thursday (#tbt) until our 5th birthday!  in the meantime: read below for a glimpse into how it all began just 5 years ago…

reminiscently yours,

IDEA #1: vegas baby!

july 8th, 2008.  i remember this day like it was yesterday. i ventured out to vegas with our first run of fitbooks which were less than 30 days fresh off the press. with my team of 2 (lani – designer extraordinaire and carlos – director of non-important business) and my mom in tow (because sometimes you just need your mom there!),  we nervously set up our booth and i remember feeling absolutely paralyzed with excitement as they announced the doors to the tradeshow were opening. 

an idea i’d had for almost 3 years and had worked on non-stop for nearly six months after launching the company in january – it was all coming to fruition right in front of my eyes.  the product, by the way, that didn’t fare so well through my mba program because somehow my classmates thought i should (and was somehow capable of) creating a super high-tech fitness device that magically burned calories while doing nothing at all. while i appreciated their confidence in my abilities, i believed whole-heartedly in my simple pen and paper concept.  i can’t tell you how many times i heard “so, it’s just a book?”.  oh but i had more of a vision for fitbook than that.  i wanted to create a research-backed concept that was designed so well that someone using it could be successful without needing to understand anything complex.  if done right, i knew that it would work because the process behind it was proven if they’d just pick up the pen and use it.  and that’s what we did.  so that research we needed?   

it was a sheer blessing that the very same day we launched fitbook  in vegas, kaiser permanente released a study on the science behind logging food and activity which was featured on the homepage of msn and yahoo that very same day.  talk about good timing!  so as the doors opened and trainers, gym owners, and fellow fitness industry professionals poured through the doors all i did was put on a smile and say a little prayer that someone, anyone would love our little fitbook. and they did. positioned in booth #1038, people flocked to our booth saying things like “why didn’t I think of that?” and “did you see the research that came out today?”.  it was at that very first IDEA expo where we landed our first sales and even our first corporate wellness program with chevron, a line of business that i’d never even thought of!  after 4 long days and 1 fun night  (who has HEALTH conventions in VEGAS?), we had officially launched fitbook to the world and brought this little girl’s dream to life.


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