5-day slim-down: the ultimate guide

5: # of days i have til a 2-day video shoot. shoot!
[keeping with my recent theme as fitbook turns 5 in august]

by far the #1 thing i get asked most frequently is: “how do i lose 5lbs by this weekend?” so whether your goal is to chisel your admirable abs, bare it all in a bikini, or slip into your skinnies, this 5-day slim down guide will get you there, and yes, you might just shed a few pounds. my disclaimer is this: i will never give short-term tips that aren’t conducive to a healthy, long-term lifestyle.  and while my goal (right now) isn’t to lose 5lbs, the following tips are my go-to guide to slim down, beat bloat + get glowing in a jiffy.

adios alcohol: even the heart-healthy or low-cal kind, these are empty-calorie carbs. lose the booze to get lean!

hola agua: divide your body weight by 2 + aim to drink that many oz daily. bonus: glowing complexion. [much-needed for me after a recent blemish battle i had with a chin intruder. angela: 0. zit: 1]

food flush: add high-water content, low-cal foods like grapefruit, watermelon + asparagus which flush out toxins and battle bloat.

beat bloat: avoid water retention by lowering sodium + upping potassium. cut out processed foods + eating out. then, add in low-sodium tuna + power potassium sources like sweet potatoes, bananas + raisins.

cut cream: keep the coffee – it keeps you “regular”. and by that, i don’t mean “normal”, if ya know what i mean. cut the crud like cream + sugar. if i can do it - you can do it.

sayonara sweets: love me some real (anti-oxidant, healthier-than-honey) maple syrup, but lean times call for shaking the sugar. so no mo’ fro-yo. see ya syrup. check ya later chocolate. cravin’ sugary carbs? solution: bowl o’ berries. my syrup sub? all-natural, no-sugar-added applesauce.

bean-no: high-fiber legumes are a health home-run, but i limit them for a few days prior to get-lean goal time, for obvious reasons. i digress.

bye-bye bars: no, not ‘da club’ – protein bars. even the all-natural types pack in calories + most have crazy chemicals and added sugars that derail your diet.

good grains: (whole) grains are must for breakfast to fuel my running. enter: protein pancakes. that said, no grains for me past noon.

bread ban: just say no to the bread basket. i avoid all white flours + only go with (whole) grains before noon. and while i’m on a lean + mean kick? i go no-gluten too.

dairy down: too much queso = el bloat-o. opt for high-protein, non-fat dairy like greek yogurt or cottage cheese. pair w/berries for a night-time treat to fuel muscles overnight.

filling fats: add healthy fats like nuts, avocado, oils + nut butter to fill up + slim down. avoid reduced-fat, sugar-added nut butters – go real!

portion pal: need to dial it in? weigh every morsel you munch. sometimes i need a visual reminder of what 4oz, 1/2c + 2tbsp looks like. cutting extra ounces often leads to losing pounds.

consider cleansing: depending on your goals, your bod may benefit from a 1 or 3-day cleanse. not a fan of starving? me neither.

power protein: up protein intake to feed muscles – tote low-sodium tuna packets, eat eggs, prep your fave poultry, fish, or meat + add in protein shakes post-workout!

fitness fuel: for me this means a daily multivitamin, pre-workout for energy, post-workout protein + BCAA’s for recovery. [stay tuned - i'll give the skinny on supps soon on the bloggity.]

sweat sweetie: schedule each workout sesh for the next 5 days + follow it (diligently). for me: morning cardio/running on an empty tummy (to burn fat) + afternoon weights (to build lean muscle) when i tend to have more energy. time crunch? HIIT it.

beddy bye: close the kitch, brush your grill + hit the hay. calories consumed at night are stored as fat + you need your zzz’s for rest + recovery!

get glowing: photo shoot or beach bound? pasty white is no bueno. need to get golden in a jiff? spray tan. got a week? i’m dedicated daily to applying jergens natural glow firming cream to bronze my bod + diminish dimples.

boom. those are my go-to tips to get slim quick. i’d love for you to share YOUR slim-down tips. heaven knows i am always learning + would love to know your tips + tricks!  of course i’m happy to answer any questions on my tips as well.

slimmingly yours,

author’s note: spending the past week writing tips for our forthcoming app (yes, it’s coming), my thoughts are all in 140 characters or less. i thought you’d appreciate the brevity – you’re welcome. want more tips like the ones above every morning to motivate you? yeah, i wrote health-eBYTES for that reason.





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