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ComfortZonewith exactly 12 weeks until i #run4momma at the nike women’s half-marathon in san francisco, i’m kicking off a 12-week series on training for a half.  and what better way to kick it off than to share some heart-warming, inspiring words from one of my fitbookers-turned-friends.  ever wanted to run a half-marathon? or set out to do something way beyond your comfort zone? take 3 minutes to read this.  and then i dare you to not just step, but leap right outside that comfort zone.

be inspired.




[sent via email 07/02/13]
fitbook, fitlosophy, and your personal touch through your blogs, tweets, and posts have for many years been a big source of inspiration and motivation for me. So much so that your latest venture of running and fundraising in honor of your beautiful momma has inspired me, the girl who never ran more than a 5k, to join you on your mission to make an impact by running a half-marathon along side you (well more like an hour or so behind you). 

The day I got your message about joining your team you inadvertently sort of sent me on this little roller coaster of self doubt, self reflection, and sudden determination.  The first day I sort of played with the idea of running a half-marathon but those thoughts mostly ended with “come on, you hate running, no way!” The next day however I kept hearing this nagging little voice throughout the day encouraging me to do it, fittingly it said “just do it”.  That evening I went for a run to seriously reflect on whether I could do actually do this. As I typically do I made a mental list of all the pros and cons and let my rational, practical brain take over the analysis.  The cons list: I hate running, it would require a lot of training time, its the same weekend of a trip back east, I hate running (yes, I know already said that), I’d have to ask people for money, I’d have to get up early to train, it doesn’t sound like me.  See, unlike you I live in my comfort zone. I never push those boundaries, I’m too scared to fail.  As I’ve gotten older I realize that this type of mentality holds me back a lot and I end up missing out on some really great experiences. I understand that, I get that, but it’s still hard to shake that instinct. Now that I’m in my 30′s I’ve gotten better about trying new things, my sisters jokingly say its me “freestyling.” But when I say “better” I mean baby-steps like trying a yoga class or learning to make jam. That sounds fun right? But for me, if I can’t reach my toes like everyone else or if I can’t make the best jam or whatever, then I failed. Crazy, I know. I’m working on it. 
Running a half for me is not a baby step, it’s taking a running start and leaping over the boundaries of my comfort zone. But the rational, practical me was overruled by a determined and inspired me that said “yes, you hate running and you hate getting up early, so do both for the next 16 weeks.”   So here I am, standing outside my comfort zone scared but excited. I’m registered with TNT and they’re working on linking me up with team fitbook. I’ve thrown out the cons list and am focusing on my list of things that will get me through this:

  • Off to a good start: using fitbook for the last 5 years has me in better shape and better health than I would otherwise so I’m cleared to start training
  • Training: I’m pretty obsessive and I’m very much a planner so I’ve got my schedule all laid. I’ve also got a strong support of friends and family who keep telling me I can do this. I’ll be ready.
  • Motivation: I love my momma and it breaks my heart to hear your story. Along this journey I’m sure there will be times when my motivation will dip, my legs will be sore, I’ll be too tired to run, and I’ll just plain not be in the mood but I’ll have your inspiring story in my reserve tank. If nothing else, running for your cause will get me through. I won’t break records and I’ll probably finish the half right along side the full marathoners but I’ll cross that finish line somehow.

I’m sure you never thought a simple invite to join your team would have this effect on someone.  That’s the beauty of your mission with fitlosophy and now as you run for your mom – you are changing lives and creating an impact.  I know your mom is very proud.

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