12 weeks to a half: gadgets + gear + giveaway [week 2]

so, do tell: how did week 1 go trying the lifting lover’s training plan?  if you haven’t gotten your rear in gear yet, do so, like now. and speaking of gear: i’m here to share my top 5 must-have gadgets + gear for training for and running a half.  plus, the sweet peeps at RunnerBox are giving one of you a box o’ running goodies to ramp up your running.  read on, gear up + get going.

garmin forerunner 210 a gift from my dad before running my last half, this is my go-to running buddy. of course you can use an app on your phone, but i’ve found those to be spotty based on reception and my garmin: spot on. i’ll be honest on why i chose this one: it’s cute. a lot of GPS watches are large and in-charge and i have tiny wrists. plus this one was sleek white, not boring grey. don’t worry guys, it comes in grey if you want in case “cute” isn’t the look you’re going for. regardless of what you use, it’s essential to be using a GPS app or watch to be learning your paces over the next 12 weeks – and write them down. it’s highly satisfying to see your pace times improve, and most importantly you’ll learn how to pace yourself throughout your half-marathon. adrenaline will be pumpin’, and like me you’ll bust outta the gate at a 7:30 pace. not sustainable (for me), by the way. knowing your paces will ensure you make it to the finish line.

mizuno wave riders
every person’s feet are unique, but for me these are by far the best running shoes i’ve ever owned. this is my second pair of wave riders and for my high-arched, narrow foot this is the perfect amount of cushion and support without feeling like i’m running on pillows. after starting my dad on the couch-to-5k program, i geared him up with the same pair (men’s of course in snazzy red) and he’s obsessed now too. i found these by going to my local roadrunner store and they took me through their “perfect fit” process. they analyzed my gait on the treadmill, took impressions of my feet, and then recommended which shoes would work best. bonus: they’re cute (and match my watch) + come in a ton of colors. i’ve had these since right before my last half so i’ll be getting a new pair in probably 3-4 weeks so i can break in  a new pair for the san francisco nike women’s half. rule of thumb: replace your shoes every 300-500 miles. another tip: don’t wear your running shoes for anything else. not to the gym, not shopping, not walking: save them to save your joints.

running visor
double-whammy: this thing saves your skin + your eyes.  when you log hours in the sun running, no matter what SPF you wear (and you should wear SPF!), you get some major rays. and one thing my momma always taught me was to protect my skin! and secondly, i personally cannot run in sunglasses: i’ve yet to find a pair that doesn’t flop or fog up, so my visor is perfect for shielding my eyes. you can wear any visor out there – i personally wear my puma golfing visor. it’s lightweight, wicks away the sweat, and well, i’m a puma. :-)

shorts + (girl) support
one word: chafing. you don’t want it. so it’s important to run in gear that doesn’t irritate your skin, wicks away sweat, and keeps you comfortable as you pound the pavement. first: running shorts.  my absolute faves are my lululemon speed shorts that i’ve had for years – and i’ve logged many miles, chafe-free. bonus: little zipper pocket for my key and extra cash for post-run coffee.  don’t want to spend $54 on running shorts? my next fave pair is my C9 running shorts from target…super cute and only $25. after you’ve got your bum covered, (ladies) you must make sure you support those girls! i’ve yet to find ONE perfect sports bra for running. i have a few faves from athleta that they discontinued, but it’s important you find what works for you! share your faves with me: i’m in the market.

whether you use an ipod (which i do and is apparently almost outdated) or your phone, you’re going to want tune in when your mind starts tuning out on long runs.  hit up itunes or get spotify, whatever your lil’ heart desires and create a list of go-to running songs. identify your “power song” – the one that gets you going when you start dragging. mine? lose yourself (eminem). i know, dated, but it does the trick! personally, i only use music on long runs, otherwise i love how running inspires creative, introspective thoughts. but sometimes after 5 miles i get sick of listening to myself – that’s where the music comes in!

finally: a special thanks to RunnerBox founder, staci, for a generous donation to my efforts to raise money for leukemia with team in training in memory of my momma.  wanna support me as i run? you can support team fitbook or buy a special-edition fitbook TNT with purple binding and $4 from each goes to LLS.

now, off to log 5 miles!


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