little bytes: daily healthy texts to nourish body + mind

brevity: not my thing.

i assure you that the following words have never been directed toward me:daily text messages

  • could you elaborate on that?
  • can you write a little bit more on that topic?
  • you really should provide more detail.

i am never at a loss for words and anything and everything i do, including my blog posts (as you know), reflect that.  what can i say? i just have a lot going on in this little noggin’ of mine. so go figure that my latest brainchild was to create a way to educate, motivate + inspire people every single day in <140 characters!  brilliant idea – but not a natural fit, if you will, for miss chatty cathy (that’s what my mom used to call me).  however i knew if i could somehow fit witty little thoughts into tiny tidbits of text, it would be useful.

we are bombarded with so much information on a daily basis: emails, text messages, social media, blog feeds, and then if you’re like me, you still love reading newspapers and magazines (the flip-the-page, not swipe-the-screen kind). and i feel like information overload is an understatement.  then add to it all the things we’re “supposed” to do live a healthy life: drink water, sleep more, take a vitamin, eat this – not that, yadda, yadda, yadda. it all starts to become a mur-mur that leaves me feeling helpless and overwhelmed. so what if i could simplify it – have just one healthy thing to focus on daily?

enter my little brainchild: health-eBYTES.  i honestly am obsessed with them – here’s why:

  • i get them at 8am on the dot every morning – it’s a sweet little nudge to skeedaddle if i’m not out the door and off to work yet.
  • it’s a short and sweet reminder to do something healthy to kickstart my day.
  • they’re a healthy balance of fitness tips, workouts, stats, nutrition, recipes, and motivation, all intertwined with helpful info delivered in a fun way.
  • they keep me focused on weekends when i tend to veer off track – oh and they come later on weekends too!

i love writing them. they have become a fun little project where i constantly scour social daily text messages health-eBYTESmedia, online articles, magazines, newspapers…anything really, to find inspiration.  then i literally entertain myself while writing them. am i the only person that amuses myself? probably. but hopefully anybody that gets health-eBYTES delivered daily gets the same amount of joy that i derive just by creating them.

if you wanna check ‘em out and get one month on me (free for my blog readers), just click here, select the monthly option, and enter promo code FREEBYTES at check out. the next day you’ll be signed up and get a text message confirming your info – then you’re good to go!

already get health-eBYTES?  i’m set to hunker down to write another big batch of them in a few days and i would love to hear what you think. what inspires you? what kind of information would you like daily? talk to me.

enjoy your BYTES!



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