goals for gaining: a guide

fitbook mama2b: baby shower cake!

gaining weight? huh? that caught your eye, right? there are two times when i say it’s a-o-k to add some good ol’ l-b-s.

  1. you’re adding some hard-earned muscle to your already rock-hard bod
  2. you’re adding a bundle of joy to your fam with a sweet bun in the oven

i’ve written at length about item #1.  but not so much #2.  and it’s such a sweeter, cuter topic than sweat dripping and muscles bulging. so don’t mind if i switch topics from goal-setting for a 6-pack to goal-setting for a healthy baby bump.

here is a fact: i’ve never had a baby…but i love babies. (and i’m the best auntie ever)

but as the creator of fitbook mama2b, a journal for a healthy + active pregnancy, i know a thing or two about how to have a healthy pregnancy . in fact, i actually know more about pregnancy than i ever wanted to. when researching, writing, and designing mama2b, i joked with my girlfriends that creating this product was the best form of birth control ever. no, seriously.   i mean, babies are cute, but with all due respect to all the mamas out there, it takes a toll on the bod!  you should be commended.

by pulling in experts from ob-gyns to prental fitness + nutrition pros and scouring a IMG_8457plethora of research, i was able to create the first fitness + nutrition journal created for expectant moms. there are a lot of “health journals” out there but they focus primarily on the baby. fitbook mama2b was designed for the mama. to give her a tool to stay active (yes, exercise!) throughout her pregnancy….to eat nutritiously…to set goals for healthy baby weight gain. by combining prego specific research with my expertise as a self-proclaimed goal-setting guru, fitbook mama2b was born.

want more? read my article: healthy baby weight gain: a goal-setting guide.

want mama2b for yourself or for a ‘congrats you’re prego’ gift? enter promo code FITBUMP15 to save 15%: get it here!  bonus: the promo also works on our prego pack which includes knocked-up fitness dvds by prenatal expert erica ziel.  a sweet bundle for an upcoming bundle of joy!

not knocked up,


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