12 weeks to a half: dial it in [week 9]

4 weeks, 28 days, 672 hours…okay, make that 667 hours til go time. any way you skin it, this is how far out we are from the nike women’s half. if you’re following my lifting lover’s training plan, you’ll notice that we switch up our lifting workouts for the final time this week AND this is the week we peak in miles before we start to taper down before race day! that said, as each run gets longer and as the race gets closer, i’m noticing just how sensitive my body is to every little thing.

  • every little bit of food (er *ahem* froyo or vino) either fuels or fails me
  • not sleeping wreaks havoc on my runs
  • failing to stretch or foam roll daily or at least after my runs leaves me with tight hammies and walking funny
  • hydrating just before a run and during doesn’t cut it if i’m not drinking enough water the rest of the time

so this weekend my trainer boyfriend and i decided it was time to dial it in. see here’s what i love about him. even though we hit the gym together, compare notes on prepping food, and hold each other accountable and support each other, i also love that i can be real. i love that he doesn’t make me feel insecure if i have a total weak moment and reach for his fries once or twice (or three times).  i love that he is on the same page on friday night when i ask him what he wants to do, our eyes meet, and at the same time we utter those magic words: “froyo!”.  and yet, he also has to hear me complain about not reaching my goals or being where i want to be. and being the smart man that he is, he never points out my shortcomings.

unless i ask him to, that is.

so funny enough, over a dinner of pizza and wine saturday night, we both identified the daily habits that were getting between us and our goals.  then we agreed that for the next 28 days we would not only give each other “permission” to hold each other accountable, but also established (gulp) consequences for offenses.

my daily habits i’m committed to change for the next 28 days:

  • cream in my coffee only once per week – after my long run!
  • when i’m craving froyo we’ll make a halo top (my new obsession) run to the grocery store…only golden spoon ONCE for the next 28 days! 
  • drink at least 4 of my smartwater bottles (24oz each) – 2 before lunch and before dinner (this will be a major feat for me)
  • just 1 adult beverage in the form of wine per week – no beers or other alcohol, but this is easy…as i run more, i just don’t like how it makes my bod feel!
  • foam roll during 1 re-run of “how i met your mother” each night (watching this on netflix is how i wind down each night before i open the laptop to work again!)

and just to make sure we hold him accountable too, here’s my bf’s habits he’s changing:

  • schedule workouts on sundays to fit into his busy week training other people.
  • include one heavy leg workout per week to up his strength gains in his lower limbs (NOTE: guys, us ladies don’t dig the big beefy chest + chicken legs so follow the lead of my well-proportioned trainer boyfriend.)
  • eat out only once per week – which forces him to prep his food the week before and take meals with him in his 6-pack bag.
  • one beer per week – just for 28 days – but hey, it’s football season!

and of course this wouldn’t be fun if there weren’t rewards (and consequences)!

the consequence for each “offense”? 100 burpees.  
that’s right. it has to hurt, or just be really worth it!
(yes, this is why you don’t set goals over a glass of wine.)

and rewards?

mine is a wine bar night in san francisco after the half-marathon at this new coffee + wine bar (hello, heaven!) called vinyl that i read about in the wall street journal.

my donut-loving boyfriend’s reward: oh yes, a gourmet gorge-fest at sidecar doughnuts. it’s a whole leap beyond the donuts i was raised with…you’re talkin’ maple bacon, peanut butter + huckleberry jam, and applepie with tillamook cheddar donuts. what?

so for the next 28 days, join me as i dial it in. what daily habits would you change? just 28 days…you can do anything for 28 days!  the best part: this isn’t a diet. it’s tweaking 1 or 2 things that are standing between you and your goals. and by the end of the 28 days, who knows – you may have just created a new habit.

share yours and i’ll keep you posted on my progress! follow me daily on instagram where i’ll post my progress, plus motivation, tips, and the occasional pic of my pop + #trainerboyfriend!


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