let’s hangout: google+ gets WHITE hot!

September 24, 2013


google hangoutok, so take a peek at my google+ hangout and then let me know if you could tell it was my very first one ever!  if not, that’s how much google+ hangouts rock. and if you could tell, well i will blame my short 4-hour night of sleep last night. either way, i might be newly obsessed with google+.  not only is it super fun, it’s even easier. i felt like a tv producer: screen 1, now go screen 2…screen 3, no wait back to screen 1. okay, it wasn’t even that difficult, but it was fun to play screen-controller-person as i hosted amelia winslow, of eating made easy (who talked about the top 5 white foods we should be noshing on) and erica ziel, fitness expert + creator of knocked-up fitness who gave us 5 butt-boostin’ moves for a white hot booty.

the theme: get WHITE hot for winter!  and why? well, it was just a super cute way to introduce my 3 new WHITE hot products. yes, we rolled out the red carpet today to launch these hotties and also proudly announce that the white goal weight body scale will be hitting 200 target stores this week.  look for it in the fitness aisle!

whitehot_bulletslaunching new products is quite the adventure, all the ins and outs that go into creating it from the design to the packaging, then teasing it just right to get interest, and then making enough worthwhile noise to generate excitement!  and such is the life of an entrepreneur. don’t think because we have products on the shelves of target that we’ve got this dialed in – each new product, every new venture, and in fact every single day has new, exciting, unexpected feats to conquer and wins to celebrate.

take a peek at my google+ hangout, peruse my new WHITE hotties, and let me know your fave: the lil’ white food scale, sleek bright white goal weight body scale, or perhaps this trendy white burnout tank top?   wanna shop? enter promo code WHITEHOT through 10.05.13 on our website and orders over $25 ship free!

whew! i’m no longer a google+ newbie – watch out for more info-packed hangouts coming your way!


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