12 weeks to a half: om, roll + ice [week 10]

September 29, 2013


foam rollafter training almost 20 weeks for this half-marathon, my little bod has taken a beating. and with just 3 (eek!) weeks to go in this lifting lovers training plan, it’s time we focus on giving our b.o.d. a little t.l.c. not one to usually slow down, i have no choice as we inch closer to that starting line in san francisco. if we don’t take proper care of these little temples we’re given, we can’t expect them to perform! so take note: these are the 3 things you need to add to your regimen to make sure you’re running on all cylinders come race day.

i’m not a yogi. i’m a self-diagnosed o.c.d. with a.d.d. and yoga just doesn’t do it for me. that is, unless you can keep me moving, or ‘flowing’ i guess one might say. the only type of yoga i’ve found to challenge my mind, stretch my bod, and leave me feeling like i got a workout is hot yoga with weights, or power yoga as it’s called by it’s devotees. doing pilates once a week usually satisfies my stretching soul, but missing my break o’ dawn class on friday forced me outside my stretching zone, literally. a stress-o-rama day coupled with tight hip flexors from running so much left me looking for some way to lengthen my limbs before my long run come saturday. there’s no arguing that yoga is good for you – especially runners. research shows that yoga not only reduces stress (yes, please) and stretches out those muscles that tighten up when you pound the pavement, but it also prevents injury and can improve running times. so i hit my local corepower yoga for a 1-hour class that left me feeling limber, and yes, even a little less stressed.  a yogi, i am not. but smart enough to know what my body needs? i am.
practice some poses: yoga for runners from runnersworld, quick video with yoga series for runners

roll with it
foam rolling is hands-down my go-to therapy for soothing my achy muscles. it’s like a little personal massager all in one tiny foam formation. trigger point is my go-to. the little nubbies dig in and really hit the sore spots.(p.s. santa: the new travel-friendly mini roller is on my christmas list.). my tip is to leave the foam-roller in front of your tv so it’s in your line-of-sight when you flip on the tube. i’ve committed to foam rolling at least 5 minutes per day until the half while i wind down at night and watch re-runs of ‘how i met your mother’ (i’m addicted).  another rolling option for runners is yoga tune up balls which are a glorified (and much better version of a) tennis ball for hitting pressure points, working out knots, and really getting in the nooks + crannies of your aches and pains.
get rolling: foam rolling series for runners from fitsugar

ice, ice baby
even if you don’t have aches + pains, icing after a run is good practice. not only does it cool you down, but bonus: it decreases inflammation and reduces risk of injury.  for runners specifically, i’d recommend active wrap ankle wraps and knee wraps which come in an array of sizes so they fit much nicer than my previous icing method: a bag of peas.  a few rules of thumb on icing: do not ice before a run, only after – and ice immediately after. like, wipe the sweat off your brow, head straight to the fridge, plop on the couch, and ice away. then, keep the ice on for 10-20 minutes, no more (hello, frostbite) and no less (because it won’t get into the muscle tissue). i’ll be honest: i hate icing. because i hate being cold. silly, yes. but i’m committed to icing at least after my long runs for the next 3 weeks.
chill out: icing for recover from runner’s world

what are your running regimens that keep your bod in tip-top condition? share your tips!

sorry, gotta run!

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