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fitlosophy has been a blessing. not only have i been able to follow my passion, meet amazing fitbookers, and work with inspiring partners, but it has given me a platform and the opportunity to give back. giving makes my heart feel full. it is simultaneously humbling and rewarding.  i’m blessed to be a blessing.  as a company, we carefully choose charities that support causes that positively impact the lives of our customers (mostly women) so breast cancer awareness is a cause near + dear to our hearts.  more than that, having lost loved ones to this disease, PINK is more than just slapping a pink ribbon on the cover of fitbook: it’s personal.

this is the fourth year supporting breast cancer awareness through our fitgiving initiative and have given over $10,000 to cancer-related charities.  fitbook PINK gives 20% of the proceeds to, an organization who makes facing life after a cancer diagnosis – just a little bit easier. my friend marcia, who was diagnosed with cancer at age 27,  is the inspired mind and huge heart behind this organization – one that that has been a light to so many cancer patients in the dark days of their battle.  including my momma.

the cancer that took my momma is very rare…and i’m doing my darndest to support research to find a cure.  fortunately, we know a lot more about breast cancer and ways to prevent it because of causes just like this one. so what can you do? i’m so glad you asked:

here are a few ideas to get your gal pals on board to knock out breast cancer:

  • walkin women: plan a weekly walk/jog with your mom, sister or girlfriend to catch up. working out for 30 minutes per day can slash your risk of breast cancer by up to 50%!
  • girls who gab: typically chat with a gal pals on the phone, meet up for a workout and swap stories doing squats + sit ups.
  • ladies who lunch: to sneak in an extra  dose of cruciferous veggies swap out the lettuce in your salad with brussel sprout leaves. try this brussel sprout salad – beware it’s addicting!
  • snackin’ sistas: munch on these tasty walnuts that will give you 2.3 grams of omega 3s per ¼ cup which are effective in reducing risk of breast cancer. this cinnamon sea-salt walnut recipe is to live for.

don’t forget this month is all about awareness – which means spreadin’ the word!

  • buy fitbook PINK  - actually buy 3 and get a FREE live life fit tank top in (wait for it)…PINK! [here's the promo code] great reason to get gifts for friends – let them know that it was for a good cause!
  • share this blog post with someone you love + get those workouts scheduled and meals planned
  • get pinning + share our think pink pinterest page with those you love!

have you or someone you love been affected by breast cancer? share your story with me below.

think PINK,


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