12 weeks til 2014: holiday goal guide (with 5 days to indulge!)

so here’s a little fact to light a fire under you: today marks exactly 12 weeks until 2014. that’s only 84 days…or a whoppin’ 2016 hours – think about that one for a second! no matter which way you slice it, we are one fitbook away from the new year.  this puts things in perspective for me – pushes me to think about what i’ve accomplished over the past year and what more i want to do before year-end.

not just that but, with the holidays looming, this is the time of year when our health goals can sometimes get shoved to the side.  so i challenge you to do things differently this year. now, i’m the first to say we should enjoy the holidays, but by no means does that mean sabotaging your success. and i don’t know about you, but i didn’t work oh-so-hard to get a sweet svelte summer bod  just to wave it bye-bye by indulging in the cozy comforts of fall and adding on layers of clothes (and blubber).  you with me?  okay, let’s continue.

why not take the next three months to not just maintain your health gains, but get a jumpstart on your big goals for the new year?  here’s a conversation that might go on in your noggin’ – i know i’ve had this convo in mine before: “the holidays are the hardest time of year to stay committed so why try? why even start if i know i’m not going to be successful? i mean, how am i supposed to survive the onslaught of halloween treats, the yummy thanksgiving spread, the month-long festivities for christmas complete with homemade fudge, fresh-baked cookies, and goodies galore, followed oh-so-closely by the sipping frenzy come new years eve?”

stop it. just wipe your brain of these thoughts. i’ve come to think more logically about how the holidays should roll – and never fear, i will blog through the holidays and we’ll do it together. it will be a blogiholidayathon, if you will.  so let’s step back and look at the big pic here: you have 3 months to rock it - then plan for 5 days to indulge. just 5!  here’s what it looks like:

  1. halloween hooplah: choose just one day to enjoy some treats & spooky sips if you’d like, then get rid of them!
  2. thanksgiving throwdown: this is one day – make smart choices, but if it's your only opportunity to have gramma’s punkin pie, then by all means,  enjoy.
  3. holiday part-ays:  choose one festivity to attend, a gala perhaps, but one where you want to enjoy, indulge, and (perhaps) imbibe.
  4. christmas (or hannukah or fetivus):  whichever holiday it is, enjoy that one day for pete’s sake. but make sure it doesn’t extend to a six-day celebration that bulks up your table muscle.
  5. new year’s eve: go big this one day, but then go home and get focused to kick off a fab 2014.

so set those 12-week goals, PLAN for these 5 indulgent days, then the very next day hop back on the healthy bandwagon. one day will not derail your success. heck, 5 days won’t either. but giving up? or not starting at all? that’s a surefire way to fail.  but here’s the catch: your indulgent days can be days of enjoying yumminess, but i need you to commit to moving for at least 30mins those days. i’m not saying run a 7-min mile run. just move for 30mins, then go on about your holiday hooplah. you’ll kickstart your metabolism and feel better about yourself the rest of the day – meaning you’ll be more prepared mentally to get back on it the very next day!

let’s ring in 2014 feeling healthy, fit + ahead of the game! keep me in the loop as you make strides to your new year new bod? tag @fitbook on instagram, post on our facebook wall and tweet me. use #12weeksto2014 so i can follow!

so share with me: what is YOUR goal til’ 2014?

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