6 PACK TRICKS to live life fit: [trick #5] sleep your way slim

October 29, 2010


6packtricks sleep slim

do the words zombie or walking dead describe you come morning time? or should you have caution tape wrapped around you until you’ve had your first cup of coffee? yes, i  can relate. until recently. i already knew the health benefits of sleep (more energy, muscle recovery, yada yada yada), but after learning that getting less than 4 hours sleep per night was as bad for my bod as smoking a cig, i decided to dig deeper.

“i don’t need sleep, i run on pure-octane coffee!” ~me

if you agree with this statement, read on for 3 reasons to hit the hay to scare away extra weight:

  1. you burn less fat
    let’s say you’re clockin’ some hours at the gym + loggin’ your clean eats to skim a few pounds off the top. get this: when you sleep just 4-6 hours per night, 75% of the weight you lose will be that hard-earned muscle and only 25% will be fat. sleep 6-8 hours per night and up that fat loss to 50%!
  2. you eat more
    research shows that people who sleep  fewer than 4 hours sleep per night consume approximately 329 more calories/day than those that doze for 8.
  3. your body wreaks hormone havoc
    lack of sleep causes your bod to create the nasty stress hormone cortisol that causes your body to store abdominal fat. plus, studies show that sleep deprivation increases your body’s production of stress hormone cortisol that control appetite, cravings and the metabolism of fat.

not trying to lose weight, you say? oh, i’m armed with more negative impacts sleeplessness can have other than a not-so-svelte physique.

  • stress-case, like life just overwhelms you. (you made my latte with 2% milk? really? oh, the nerve!)
  • say what? huh? your memory goes bye-bye.
  • focus and the ability to concentrate go out the, hey – look bright shiny object!
  • cranky pants…negative nancy…you get the idea. (me? never!)
  • creativity gets killed – and new ideas are hard to come by.
  • boost in resting blood pressure + risk of heart attack.
  • hinders muscle recovery by slowing the release of HGH (no, not the performance enhancing drug)
  • s-l-o-w-s metabolism because it impairs your bod’s glycogen stores

now, it wouldn’t be very nice for me to tell you how bad it is for you without giving you a solution, right?  there are tons of ideas out there on how to log more zzz’s, but i’ll share my 6 quick (proven) tips that work for me:

  • relax routine: whether it’s a hot shower and cup of tea (decaf green perhaps) or a good book and a lil’ handful of dried cherries (which have sleep-inducing melatonin), try to get into a nightly routine so your body and mind learn to relax.
  • technology timeout: whether it’s your phone, ipad, laptop or tv, that light disrupts your body’s production of melatonin which makes you sleepy. so commit to keeping devices out of the bedroom – or turn off at least 1 hour before you nod off.
  • jot it: revisit your to-do list right after dinner so you can clear your mind before you head to bed. Then, keep a piece of paper and pen next to your bed so anything that comes to mind, you can quickly take note, then get back to the land of nod.
  • silence: use your phone to wakey-wakey? brilliant. but set it so it’s silent for all other notifications other than your alarm. facebook posts, text messages, and incoming emails are a surefire sleep stopper.
  • do the math: figure out when you need to wake up, then count backwards 7 or 8 hours. set an alarm for that time each evening for a reminder to hightail it to the bedroom.
  • snoozer loser: you’re better off getting more sweet sleep than hitting snooze for a half-hour, so set your alarm for when you absolutely need to be up + at ‘em. then put your phone or alarm clock across the room so you have to get UP to turn it OFF!

so don’t play like a vampire + get some rest! comment below: which ONE tip above you will try tonight – and share how it works for you.

the tip trickster,

p.s. did you already learn to demystify the nutrition label with trick #1, get my 5 power-packed pumpkin recipes in trick #2, find out how to burn 3x the fat in half the time with trick #3, and then learn how face the not-so-scary scale with trick #4?  come back tomorrow for my final trick #6 for tips on measuring food to keep those spooky portions in check!

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