6 PACK TRICKS to live life fit: [trick #6] keep scary portions in check

here’s a freakish fact: people consume 43% MORE calories when served larger portions. surprisingly, this same study also found that those who consumed less reported feeling equally as satisfied!

eating a few extra ounces here and there might be what’s standing between you and your goals. here are my top 4 tips to conquer portion distortion + trick yourself into eating less!

  1. plate swap
    trade in the big 12” platters and use smaller 8-9” or salad-size plates for instant portion control. the visual representation of a very full, albeit smaller, plate tricks your mind into feeling fuller, faster.
  2. get the blues
    when choosing china, keep this fact in mind. eating on blue plates acts as an appetite suppressant because it has the least appealing contrast to foods and you ultimately eat less! contrast is key: you eat more when there’s less contrast between the food and the plate. want to eat more greens? use a green plate. but want to keep servings of cereal in check? go with a blue or black bowl.
  3. don’t give in to devilish distractions
    yes, it seems like you’re being smart and multitasking by watching TV, checking email, or playing on facebook, but distracted dining leads to taking in more than you bargained for.  studies show that eating meals while watching TV results in consuming an average of 288 additional calories! tune in, not out – be mindful!
  4. weigh it out
    trust me – ½c cereal is pathetically small, and it’s easy to keep the box tipping when you’re hungry. when’s the last time you actually got out a measuring cup to see what 1/2c looks like? or pulled out the tablespoon to see what one itsy-bitsy serving of peanut butter really is? eyeballing it too often can lead to taking in more calories than you bargained for.  you may not need to measure out every meal, but even for a week, commit to dusting off your measuring devices to keep those portions in check. common culprits that can really add up: nuts + nut butters, oils + dressings, cereals + grains.  my top tip: keep a food scale on your kitchen counter.

don’t know the corresponding measurements for serving sizes? here’s my handy food portion guide + my healthy foods shopping list to print out and keep handy so you can buy the right foods at the store – and keep portions in check at home!


finally, here’s my super-secret tip to dirty only ONE dish + measure every single ingredient in a matter of seconds. my lovely subject for this magic trick will be: a toss-and-go salad!

  1. add an insane amount (like 2 cups) of greens to a to-go container + ANY other fresh veggies you want.
    TIP: i’m a fan of equal parts baby spinach + arugula, or get wild with kale, but just skip the no-nutrient iceberg lettuce.
  2. turn on the food scale + place the bowl on the glass surface, then press the “tare” button to zero-out the weight of the bowl with greens inside.
    TIP: when buying a food scale make SURE it has the nifty tare feature – this is the only way to make a meal + only dirty one dish!
  3. press the unit key until it is measuring in oz, then add 3-4oz of your protein of choice.
    TIP: on-the-go friendly options are ground turkey, grilled chicken breast or steak, shrimp, tuna, or even black beans or edamame if you want a protein-packed veggie.
  4. press the tare button again to zero-out the scale, then press the unit key to measure in grams. then add 30g of your healthy whole grain of choice.
    TIP: 30g of any whole grain is roughly the equivalent of 1/2c cooked – salad friendly options are quinoa, brown rice, and couscous.
  5. press the tare button again to zero-out the scale and add 30g of a healthy fat.
    TIP: 30g is equivalent to 1 serving of nuts, avocado, or seeds to add some crunch to your salad that also keeps you satiated!
  6. press the tare button again to zero-out the scale and add 15g of dressing.
    TIP: skip dirtying the measuring spoons and just add 15g which is the equivalent of 1tbsp – opt for light dressings or go the healthy route and add olive oil and balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar, or lemon juice.
  7. pop the lid on your to-go container, shake it around to mix it up, and either eat it now or pop it in your 6-pack bag…and go!
    TIP: easily prep this the night before and just add the dressing right before you eat it – either way, you get one meal perfectly measured and just dirty ONE dish!

sadly, today is my final trick for this #6packtricks series! comment below + tell me which was your very favorite trick:

thanks for letting me share my tricks!
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