turkey day tips to stay on track

did you think we were gonna just let you go into this holiday weekend unguided? heck no! we have been busy over here putting the finishing touches on a NEW product you can start picking up tomorrow [hint: you’re definitely gonna want it in your fitness tool MIX ;)]. whether you’re spending this thanksgiving eve fearing that what you sit down with tomorrow is gonna stay on those hips awhile or you are ready to just throw all caution to the wind and really indulge, i’ve got some tips prepared for you to enjoy the day without getting too off track from your goal. read it today so you have time to whip up some up my yummy, healthier versions of your typical turkey day fare and to make sure you get our 10 minute workout planned! get the tips to stay on track!

i am so thankful for each of you goal setters out there! have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends,



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