#21days2change: holiday survival edition!

December 06, 2013


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it’s that time of year: the hustle-bustle of the holidays is in full swing. don’t you just love it? and with that inevitably comes busy schedules that can sometimes can challenge our normal healthy routines! oh, not this year. we are going to nip the holidays in the healthy bud. you asked for it, so here it is: #21days2change holiday survival edition! this time we are rallying the troops and joining forces with 6 pack bags, creators of the ultimate meal management system, to get you through the holidays with a new healthy habit and no extra lbs! like our last challenge, we are asking you to COMMIT to making one new healthy habit that you will stick to from december 9th through the 30th.  yep, 21 days right through the holidays!  here’s what you have to commit to:

  • write it all down. now, i’m not asking you to skip the yummy treats – just jot down every morsel you put in your mouth. there’s no judging what you eat, heck i know sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie is in my future. but research shows that just by writing things down, you’re more mindful!  so do this for 21 days.  use a fitbook, an app, or sticky note for all we care - just jot it!
  • prep + plan it. no, you can’t avoid the holiday parties, nor would you want to, but let’s plan on having all other meals of the day be prepped and planned ahead of time!  save your cheats for yummy holiday foods – don’t waste your hard-burned calories on foods that aren’t worth it.  so each week we want to see your food prep for healthy meals + snacks!  choose to use a 6 pack bag for ultimate success – but heck, use tupperware for all we care – just prep it!
  • make it your own. so we want you logging + prepping, but what ONE other habit do you want to stick to for 21 days? maybe sip more agua….move for at least 30 minutes every day…perhaps eat 3 servings of veggies each day? pick ONE thing that gets you closer to your healthy goals – just commit!

here’s what you have to do to get the chance to win a $100 gift card from both fitlosophy and 6 pack bags:

  1. COMMIT on the #21days2change facebook page by sharing your ONE healthy habit you will be developing in addition to logging + prepping.
  2. CHECK IN on social media: post pictures, share tips, motivate…or even commiserate – just keep us posted daily! where to share? instagram, facebook, twitter – just use #21days2change on ALL posts.

get to it: let’s rock this #21days2change holiday survival edition! you in? i am.


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